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Eleven Women

by Scott Gesser

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Icon 03:23
I am mostly a genius but staggering And you sit up there and you judge me for it And you'll wait eons until I'm dead To ask the exact thing I wish you'd said We could give life lessons to tourists who Show up on boats in the middle of the forest And they'd heed your words but call me a liar So you'd keep it up long after I retire And the sound of your voice gets me high I cannot wait for summer I feel kind of stupid for thinking this You're a paper crane in a wedding fountain And I'm not much else but an index card And assembling metaphors is kind of hard But a few years back, my determined worth Brought on by the millions of satisfied buyers Will lift me up to your pedestal By the time I get there I'll be too full
It's so hard brushing the dust off of all you left of me Inside my skull, burning the flag of our land in effegy And I will not bend or fight back, 'cause you're like Goliath After all rearranged plans, you're my Goliath after all Be what you want, yeah The melody's twisted, absorbed on your fingers Well, I digress, maybe it's my fault, least that's what you'd say You'd click your heels Distracting my thoughts just to rip them away My mouth runs dry, and you could smirk for days And put it on a stamp Just imagine all the damn applause I don't have time for someone who won't make time for me I don't have time for someone who won't make time for me I don't have a chance with someone Who won't take a chance on me And that's where every last chip falls
Ever since first man fought with tools You've played all those same men for fools And your digits wrapped them so tight You stomp and you curse, "You're all the same" And you're tired of playing their game But it's hard not to get pulled back every night Wednesday and Thursday pass by And the wit you bequeathed unapplied There's a market just clamoring to you You slip on the black dress you bought And you pull up the hem quite a lot You can't wait for them to watch you strut through And that's all all right Everyone knows you're aligned with the dark side of light But please bare in mind I'm over here just rewinding and playing your life And if you feel blind Slighted and hoarse in the morning when everyone's gone You'll always be the girl with the overalls on Time wounds all your heals And the devil is fresh out of deals But you clean up and try it again And oh, would I watch how you skate But I don't know if I can relate Although I would give it a shot should you ever say when
Mom and dad have gone away And I could really use a place to stay On a dead end on a dead end on a hill Like a mansion, eerily still Hospital corners on the sheets in my private refuge suite Kill the lights and bring it in The show is just about to begin Clamoring in from the porch, clap your hands and count to four I don't remember a TV, and everybody's watching me singing Stop, keep it going now The dim and flickered hall confuses A living room that hardly anybody uses In mask I have found, only comedy abounds Going nowhere crazy fast Now only yearning for the past, singing Get a house, get a car, get a fancy job Get stuck with taking orders Make sure you don't have time to stop, back to it now Get married, have kids, get divorced Do this in exact order Keep along the beaten path or else the path is gonna beat you I can only remember how this never happened You had no bridges to burn and I'll always be indebted
Shake 04:08
You're a candy-coated Beelzebub Firing darts tipped with poisoned love And the public can't stomach them enough, oh, oh You're a radio blasting my favorite song But the lyrics all sound hackneyed and wrong And I haven't figured out how to sing along, oh, oh So help me out I can't quite shake you from my mind You're a sunny decal on a weather map Just blindingly reminding me that I don't have The luxury that spills into your lap, oh, oh God help me out Well, I've tried and tried to unwrap the enigma that is you I've stacked a world of wealth upon myself But there's one thing I can't do I can't quite shake you from my mind Could you carry on if you were turned off, now Or would you burst at the seams? Would the smile that glows upon your face frown And would I know what that means?
Standing out in a shopping spree With a degree that doesn't fit the scenery For me, it's eagle-scout easy But it's more or less yesterday since we placed bets On whether to agree or soon regret The bed we hadn't even slept in yet Glee between the three sheets to the wind Then regression, lest we forget What the fuck year is it!? Toe the line, you're doing fine I'll smile a mile if I could find something worthwhile Got educated, graduated, never dated 'Cause you hated being jaded On trial for the style but nigh the sign shines Upon thine eyes, though beguiled And now you're not mine to file in my mind Guess I should shove that shit behind You can say that the change is coming But you don't know where it's coming from yet You could take me to task You know that all that you've got to do is ask I feel vindicated at last 'Cause the present is just a diluted past I seen proof that the change is coming But I'm not afraid to speak up for something
Could you pencil in a conference call with me? I've got reports to run about our synergy I don't have an inkling (hell no!) All I've got is a fantasy That all this data I'm compiling Is something you might find worth filing Meeting street I just want to meet with you Every time I sit down in my swivel chair I get duly flustered knowing that you're there I don't want to pull you (hell no!) You've got all of your ducks in line But in my dreams your plans will vanish And you'll be in need of a boy to manage I couldn't have projected (hell no!) Five foot nine, I get petrified That you'd turn in your resignation Leaving me to cube isolation
747 03:56
I know you're scared out there in the corner of the map The life of luxury must have escaped your lap And that's a load of crap The hours tick too slow and nobody seems to call The world is way too big and you're perpetually small You've got to take the fall You'll fight against the grain of the state you're in You know the human race wasn't designed to win Life's not always black and white Sometimes there's some grey inside And if I could afford to see you I'd be on a plane right now to bring you back home You've got a victor's edge but you've yet to see the light The camera shines your way and makes you come out bright You're going to be all right I promise sometime soon we'll meet in a cafe So you can figure out what you have got to say
Back in 1990 you were barely but a prayer But you took over Pangaea since, I know for I was there And it crushes me to see you sinking, struggling in the snow But I'm on your side and you're well-aligned With every soul you know And it all will get better As we call in capital letters Everyone has obstacles but yours are damn intense And you're not sure how But you're standing now with a million loyal friends Your heart is so gigantic I'm afraid it's gonna burst But the love that seeps out as you sleep Will prepare you for the worst We're all waiting for your next act And everything's gonna go fine Yeah, everything, everything's gonna go Back to 1990, it is raining dogs and cats Your novel will be written one day, you can count on that And you're not exactly tired but you drift without a sound There's an endless world for you out there And if all else fails, we'll be around
The way I am around you makes me slowly go insane I'm not a lust diagnostician, at least that's not how it seems And I could spend a solid decade trying to make you happy But I'll just fall into the circles as your pupils point at me I am extremely esoteric, or I'm more like a big nerd Caught up pretending I can woo you Just by using some big words You're like a porcelain Doric column, but if columns were curvy And it's the swivel of your hips that has the gall to unnerve me And I won't be trying any harder than this I won't be dying any harder than this I'm sure the point I must be making makes me Machiavellian If it appears that I'm babbling then go on and tell me Because I think my biggest fear lies in the fear that I've lost you And I feel like an adolescent wearing an adult costume There's something gorgeous although somber In the curl of your lips and when they're in my field of vision It's like I'm drowning in quicksand And the myriad straws at which I grasp are making me blow it You'd probably tell me to calm down and don't I fucking know it I see your hand and raise you nothing And everyone gets on my case They tell me I could turn in something But even if I did, I don't have have a decent poker face
Lights Out 05:55
The sky's the limit on what makes you mad With all the toothless animosity you hold You're gonna need a bigger bag And the world's unfair, yeah, we've all been there But you're not trying one iota to see it through Eventually you'll hopefully come to the conclusion That the common denominator's you And I don't have the patience and I don't have the time To deal with your mind And I don't have the heart to say that you're all right When you're not all right I think that you're phony, I think that you're foolish I think that you need to get a little more sleep It's so fashionable to feel so bored You've got yourself a juggling act of pushing people back And then complaining that you're being ignored You know, they say insanity's culled from getting shitty results But never bothering to make a switch You call yourself an actor But the only thing I've ever seen you act like is a bitch I think you're unfocused, I think you're unworthy (Good night, sleep tight, lights out, sweet dreams, good night) I think that you need to maybe give it a rest I think that you're simple, I think that you're scattered I think that you need try and call it a night I think you're the problem, I think you're the poison I think that I need to get you out of my life


released June 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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