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Everyday Night

by Scott Gesser

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50% 03:11
Step back or it's too late to save me again But I kind of hoped it would be Let's hear it once more for not-so-sweet revenge As these unanswered questions keep clawing at me This world is getting worn, this world is getting warmer This girl is getting torn, guess that I should've warned her Hang tight and I'll throw you a rope or a snake It's your discretion as to which you choose If there's one thing I know, it's the route that we take That determines the extent to which we're going to lose There's a fifty percent chance I'll like the way it went If I give it fifty percent If we can pretend that it's all going well If we can put this shit behind Maybe we'll become enchanted and I'll never tell That we're actually Actually, never mind
I 4 N I 03:02
Don't believe this incline is to the Courtneys and Carolines Caroling into your heart like a crutch That won't buy you the rights to your own short films On the plane to your producer Who you really couldn't care for much I need a brand new wake up plan, to feel it molding to my hand I want to feel the bellows quake, eye for an idle hand mistake Like a flavor of the hour, you're using up all your superpowers Breaking down odorless packages of fantasies and fears Brand new magazines and flyers Confront everything you stand for Which is mostly curling in a ball and hold back your tears Everybody wants a party, wants a party to come right to them Fire up the music for your up and coming mental episode Everybody wants a party, wants a party to last forever Fire up the keg and pump and pump and pump 'til it explodes
The crowd is full of fervor like they feel like they've been cheated Is it possible the building will collapse? A local superhero is regarded as their leader And she hushes all the "maybe" and "perhaps" A bold vermillion through the sky A cloud of cinnamon floats by Assembling the town below A shining chance to watch her glow Jesus and Maryann, no, Maryann and Joseph She's barreling through the wall As pie charts and diagrams litter the airwaves They wonder if she will fall She sits at home relaxing and her name is in the papers When she overhears a herd of police cars A gang of roving jewel thieves on another of their capers And the law needs help to put them behind bars She soars around them with her cape A shadow overhead will drape The people gather 'round and cheer "What would we do without you here?" Jesus and Maryann, no, Maryann and Joseph She's managed to catch them all The anchormen speculate with solid statistics And wonder when she will fall And then the town grew silent for the forthright allegory When she calmed them all regarding the attack As she prepared for takeoff, taken in a blaze of glory When a jilted watchman shot her in the back A war of sorts would now desist How could it ever come to this? A martyr to her craft of love The people sang a chorus of Jesus and Maryann, no, Maryann and Joseph There's nobody left to call She still hovers over them, a guardian angel And knows that she cannot fall
Vulture 03:33
The pearly gates were meant for me on earth As I process everything as if it stretched back to my messy birth Can't leave a trace of evidence of interest in unleaded float I'll be damned if I do but even more damned if I don't And if these nights still linger, business as usual for me I'm progressive enough to keep myself in good company 'cause I'm a vulture The melting pot, I stuff my talons right in I thought I had to fear my enemies but it was really friends I was too eager to watch myself get hurt But there's injury for supper mixed with insult for dessert But no more of this feeding frenzy upon my bones I'm only here to make you suffer I suppose you should've known that I'll fly away from the affection ten miles in the wrong direction Got a lifetime guarantee to circle endlessly I'll fly around the clueless bodies of the lifeless jocks and hotties Ever since I'd opened shop I've never planned to stop The garden grove where I proclaim my victory A shrouding bit of proof that I can conquer absolutely nobody And I fell off the planet the very moment that I landed One too many times backhanded and I'll never understand it I'll fly away from the affection in the opposite direction I'll fill in for someone else but never for myself I'll fly around unknowing victims, only truth is when I trick them Keeping everybody vexed as to what I'll do next I'll fly against the wind and rain, I always fly against the grain I'll fly around the sun and bring back souvenirs for everyone I'll fly so high, you'll never see me soaring through the sky I don't know why I fly but I'll keep trying 'til the day I die
I don't want this feeling to end Your lips breathe life into mine, I'm clamoring up some sign Don't you think that I don't know what's going on Your jacket gives way to you, latching what I fell into Deep into the paragraphs that are soaring into this place I could sleep a dozen eons, all the while dreaming of your face Because I think I want to see you And I'm longing to get close to you 'Cause the night ended with confetti And it wasn't even supposed to I woke up after I fell unconscious from the bombshell I need to lay in your bed, can't let it go to my head Deep into the cataracts that are boring into my space I could sleep a dozen eons, all the while dreaming of your face Because I'm only here to see you And it's no surprise I'm hesitant Because I'm secret in the future But you broke into my present I'm catatonic inside, it's hard to deal with this pride Deep into the catalysts that are flooring my every case I could sleep a million eons, all the while dreaming of your face Because I'm praying just to hear from you Even if you're in the distance Because I'm unprepared for your world In a life so sick and twisted
January 2012 04:20
Because you left with a violent quickness I think I just might enjoy this The radio has fallen on the floor And the battery pack is not where I left it "Lay it on me," she said with a shining so-so spirit's essence And your card read 302 Alameda Drive So careful, aren't you? All the trophy wives you can collect will one day rust When the hour strikes we're the only ones that you can trust Down in the murk of all the interstellar junk That's in your closet I'm just amazed and a little distraught that this is how it goes But I won't cancel out your season 'Cause I don't have a decent reason And the other side will look so blank but maybe it's subliminal All the grooving vinyl of your past will turn to dust I could sleep a dozen eons, all the while dreaming of your face But don't think that I'm living it up 'Cause I'm not and I'm not and I'm not, not, not Not a single sound to be heard around the tank in her backyard All these light years wasted on the ascent of a wedding ring But who am I to think that anything I say means anything? All the time you drive yourself will make your stomach bust I could sleep a dozen eons, all the while dreaming of your face All the trophy wives you can collect will one day rust When the hour strikes there will be no one left to trust
Au Natural 03:22
Maybe I'm a genius, maybe I'm a genie Maybe I'm just shaking in my jeans Maybe busting at my seams Maybe I'm a miser, maybe older but not wiser Maybe I'm some cattle waiting for the prod Maybe I'm a little flawed Maybe I shouldn't be telling you any of this I'm feeling au natural when it comes to not feeling au natural I'm the master of disaster, the emcee of modesty And there's no way to go but up Maybe I'm a handle, maybe I'm a rustic candle Maybe I'm a lighter with a spark that'll keep me from the dark Maybe I'm your notebook, maybe the index of your notebook Maybe I'm the Cabernet you drank today Maybe I'm a poet and I don't realize it Maybe I should keep looking for the signs I've missed I'm the missive of mistake, the overseer of opaque Maybe I could have my pick of them Maybe I could catch a flailing star myself But maybe that's not what I really need I'm confident in that if nothing else Maybe I'm a bastard, maybe I'm a lucky number Maybe I'm a dial tone on your vintage phone You flung upon the windowsill Maybe I'm a chew toy, maybe a rocket you could deploy Maybe I'm your secret weapon and you just don't know it Maybe I'm about to blow it up I'm the grandfather of bother and the kin of giving in
Testosterone 03:17
Liquor night, I can't believe the sights My eyes are stinging me from a lumbering ox Set to bust my head wide open just like a melon He waltzes in disdain with a lack of concern Sizzling through every footstep I guess I shouldn't have nodded at him gentlemanly like that No, no, no, no, no Two men have joined the race Let's see how each one operates now I see a trickle of blood like a cherry cordial in the mud and The crowd is gagging on the play-by-face plant marathon, wow What a productive way to spend my fucking Saturday Recover quick 'cause someone's looking The skirt that ruffles my ears quickly Taking priority over health, be it mental or physical I can't see her eyes or anything important But it's not important, now that I'm thoroughly beaten This night must be redeemed I'll walk her to her car, the steam departing from the bar now We'll go back to her place, I'll never get to see her face and She bellows at my hand, I can't recognize where I am, wow What a productive way to spend my fucking Saturday Come on I'm young and dumb and numb and ready like a loaded gun now I'm rock and jock and cock and parading around the block and I'm marred and tarred and hard And pocketing a Mastercard, wow What a productive way to spend my fucking Saturday I'm out there every Saturday, my every day's a Saturday My brain don't have a thing to say
Drop City 03:49
Are you tired of your little black lease on life? Are you feeling like a train wreck And you can't look anywhere else? Take a glance at this brochure We've got lots of stunning pictures Of a Utopian arena where you go to find yourself If you're fresh out of juvenile hall If you're filled with the fear to work the Wall, Then give us a call When you've hit rock bottom and the world throws you around The flicker of Drop City always helps to slow it down Are you fed up with the gears that you turn each day? Have you had it with the hum of your humidifier? Could you stare blankly into the abyss or at the dude himself And the urge to ask for hope dies down Because you're sort of tired? If your walking life is slicked with greed If you're desperate to sample a new breed We know what you need When you're in the middle of the filler of your chapter The sparkle of Drop City makes you happy ever after You don't know what else to want And I don't know what else to give you You can barely feel your palm I once thought it was too good to allow I was ready to turn and spit it out But look at me now When you're on your last legs and you're failing all your tests The glimmer of Drop City can put all your fears to rest
More Hugs 03:00
Strep throat, or your heart dumped into a blender Set to liquefy, the cleaver knocks you back Like it's the first time you've seen her I feel my appendix bursting inside me Well, um, I guess I should lay down Temperature flies through the roof Hover 'round the kissing booth Ample rays from the sun, I was once for everyone Now I'm going holistic and taking drugs Doctor always said I could use more Weak knees knocking at the door made of maple Hope that our patient is stable Let's lay our playing thoughts out on the table Gestures between eyes and floors and that blender And the joke-a-day calendar Why'd the chicken cross the road? I think that I might explode Hush-hush, this is such a rushed operation I could stand to take a vacation Anywhere but here's my prime destination So long, by which I mean take care By which I mean good luck, slash good riddance I'm so happy I could shout Tip me over and pour me out Ample rays from the sun, beating down on everyone Now I'm riding high with lightning bugs Doctor always said I could use more hugs
Ma Bell 03:35
I can't understand anything you're saying The meaning's drained from all your words I guess I'll have to have to go with Whatever I think I just heard Your cloud of smoke no longer vital Of all your coiled springs I am free How does it feel to not be measured? It's feeling pretty great to me Oh well, there's nothing I can do I'll get my mother to sing me to sleep From the other side of the room One day I'll be addicted too But until then I'm stuck chasing the hook For another dose of you One day I'll be a famous something And I'll be somewhere far away And you'll be wishing you had taken A second just to hear all the shit I had to say
You felt the earth shake underneath you last night You called out for your shivering hand to hold tight But it's all right the lie there and wonder what you've missed And it's all right to wake up and feel like you exist And you can pretend I'm not around And you can drive me into the ground As long as there is life, there is something left of mine And I don't think I'm running out of time I built a tower but you just knocked it down I left a note for you but you went out of town And it's all right to hate me for all the things I've done And it's high time you realized that I'm not the only one And you can lead me into the dark And you can leave me there for a lark As long as there is life, there is evil left inside And I don't think it's ever going to die And you can get the planet to tilt And you can wrack the people with guilt As long as there is life, there is something left to try And I don't think we're running out of time


released January 10, 2006


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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