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Fine Mess Menagerie

by Scott Gesser

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Every day is a fog, grayscale balanced over everyone Every day is a fog, motivation going to the dogs In the battle you own you’ll be fighting alone Until you head to the throne you divine Musings begging for claim Open fire but don’t bother to aim Shuttled into a chair In the morning, will it still be there? There is nothing to fear that’s not already here Okay, maybe next year will be mine Stand back, it’s time to get to work Stand back to back, it’s time to get to work, yeah What will they say about me when I’m done? Oh yes, I guess he died doing what he loved Take eleven compared to take one hundred Crumple it up, throw it in the waste bin Inspiration abounds, build it up so it can be torn down Now machete the past, bet on futures never built to last
Ovary Acting 03:31
I gathered no moss but I was not a rolling stone I got your machine but I didn’t call you on the phone And the phantom of a past that we had never had Held for ransom to an hour you claimed was not so bad I’m not overreacting, well maybe just sometimes I’m not overreacting in light of the fun times That were not mine I inherited Earth but I was never feeling meek I mangled my words but I had never tried to speak All the glory that massaged your ego through the night For the story you and I could not sit down to write A little bit of relief The common denominator always feels like me A little trick up the sleeve The common denominator always feels like me
Immersed in glamor in the evening Traipsing to the party A question to be filed under obvious foreshadowing Reasons to get up in the morning Are reasons not to fall asleep the previous night And the reasons to get up in the morning Are the reasons not to hold off From the scorching blue light Alas, the loose ends of the wraparound Devoid of all last summer’s chafing heat Get on the horn and call it home Regale the suitors of the time spent on the ivory coast The asterisk dangling overhead and threatening both Colicky alarms doubt everything implanted in vain Reasons to get up aren’t the same as yesterday
Man, The 03:34
The dust settled in the morning light But the view you took in was not quite right Several weeks feeling overwrought All chewed up as an afterthought The winds of change, they overhang You might as well go out with a bang So stand up with your sign and sing it Now the man is dead, long live the man now You nod along but you can’t let go For the best devil is the one that you know A cheap suit made of unheard hints And years of cashed out Parliaments The missive that you’re punching in They won’t be hearing from you again The moment’s passed to let it sink in And by the time you’ve moved along They won’t even notice that you’re gone The better you climbs in their spaceship
I was a child of divorce And reconciliation and divorce again And I went to doctors and witches Burning through all my riches to solder frayed ends I know the screams I’ve heard were live A zillion things I learned but never tried And though the friendships keep from fallings out I only love them if they’re not around I grew up quicker than quick And now my inner monologue is paying the price And I went to hell, I was less than impressed Turns out I’d slummed it in heaven the whole time And every cold sweat that awakens me is purely my own And every mental health day That I’ve missed the chance to bestow
Winding 05:23
Are you tired of always being wrong? Are you tired of that losing sword you splay upon? Well, opportunity will shroud the devil lurking inside you And the sullen fear It clings like a roaming magnet to the iron Hey, you’re a real soul fire man Aim with the trigger that you know You’re a real soul fire man, son of a motherfucker Hey, you’re a real soul fire man Ain’t gonna last until the dawn Let go of this thing you’re on, shut all the way up Get thee from wrestling with Rasputin’s ears Yes, a myriad of wonder idles within your formative years There is nothing to left up to discuss You can either slide down the path you’ve forged Or slip on the mask, become another one of us A decade hasn’t changed you A decade hasn’t changed you much
You are the moon obliterating humanity in spades The golden child, all followers tromped in from heaven’s gate And the torch they held to your throat Wasn’t a fair indication of what they know And the jade beaming in your eyes From the ready, set, go Set a course for the goal in your mind But you won’t, you won’t make the big time Set a land speed record in your mind But you won’t, you won’t make it in time A crowd awaits, the line reaching up to the outer stars To watch you bust the nourishing plans you begat so far All along you were calm and still Like the black errant marks from your father’s will You’d be down in the hardened mud if their looks could kill I don’t seem to recognize you I can’t seem to recognize the blur
He digs his house on a grave He wins the thing by a landslide He packs it down in the hole The air is shook with a venomous cold All ties and supper at night Sloshing among the misfires We’ve got the winning bid now And we can do whatever we want Tied like a cherry, it seems very unnecessary I’d like a stab at the board Pride like a favor, the truth locked out of nomenclature Why liken being ignored? A gleaming hope in the dark The asp aspiring to nothing Glowworms appear by the sides Flanking armor and covering the void Too much is never enough When the towers, they catch fire But one single shaking leaf Enough to make it all crumble and fall I was the lip of your cup, I was the flagrant forgotten
You have control, a hold on me I’m so relieved you’re my destiny The quagmires and the shots that plague my history Slumped deep within the seats Of my tattered mezzanine If I had to run it back again, that’s just what I’d do ‘Cause every single miserable moment has led me to you The trauma burns, a looming mental fire You could have fled the scene but you refuse to retire I’m stuck, bespoken, occasionally broken But your siren call to arms has only set me open There’s nothing better than fluttering within your hold A layer of heat to defend against eternal cold And all the light that pours from your eyes When the sun’s too stubborn to shine Oh, well it might be wrong But wrong’s always suited me fine Yes, every single terrible moment


released December 23, 2022


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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