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Harm In E

by Scott Gesser

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Can I help you with something before the competition Steps in and sinks their teeth in it until it's not your vision? These are dangerous games that we play And I'm trying to teach myself that every day Catchy tales of the middle shelves That nobody thinks are worth hearing Open sores from the private hell that burn like a cigar Bullets from the smoking gun That are this close to being endearing Time, the mere discrepancy between a birthmark and a scar And the elements are slandering my name As I lie under the tires of your car But I'm still so very happy that you came Like a tie between a birthmark and a scar I need something more in the spirit of wanting When the luck runs out But the source of it remains there taunting Handy grams that grab your plans And push them through the wringer Police trucks that align themselves with the patterns in the stars Televised queen bee cries, she was born without a stinger Holy smoke from the holy ghosts Of the past, the present and the future
I wish I could explain all the things I'm thinking Maybe then I'd make sense or make a difference Time is cash all but spent paying out discontent This is all I have learned, that's my life, now your turn I'm waiting on awesome but it's so shallow In the meantime I'll wait for the meantime I'm coming to terms with diseases and germs That are climbing up my spinal cord I'm whispering loud, riding to hell on a cloud And buying what I can't afford Open up newer doors, I've got mine, you've got yours Searching for deeper truth, pudding's here, where's the proof? Did you flee from the harm with it under your arm Catching up with your deeds, great, that's all this world needs I'm waiting for someone who ain't so hollow In the meantime I'll wait for the meantime Don't believe in luck 'cause in the end you'll find you're fucked Somebody told me that, man he was such a crazy cat
Battery 02:58
Good night, sweet prince It's time to hibernate yourself and You won't wake up until we're gone No clues to follow, no trail to navigate No trace of sawdust on the lawn Whoa, so marauderous of you Battery, waste of time and fortune Why'd you look so mad at me? Take the honey and run, don't leave it behind And now the news, tonight's top story Always good for a laugh or two at your expense The weapons vary but I can't keep track of them I don't have time to mend that fence Battery, waste of time and fortune Why'd you look so mad at me? Take the honey and run back to the hive Battery, waste of time and fortune, always on my mind
You look like you've been throw back by an ambulance or train You casually eyeball the world as if they’re the ones insane You can't stand the eloquence in all of nature's flaws Well, if your question is why then my answer is because You know I'd do anything for you But as of late I'm not sure what to do And I can't bear to watch you kneeling by the wall Evaluating everything is not my cup of tea But in your little corner, there's no place you'd rather be Writing on your chalkboard, coming up with your own laws Everybody stares at you, they don't know what to think You don't explain to any of them, not even your shrink Hold a little still now while the nurse applies the gauze
Fear Itself 03:11
I woke up missing, I woke up in your room without you I searched the kitchen for a refresher course about you There's nothing to fear but fear itself There's nothing to fear While you were absent I laid on the living room floorboards And I imagined that we were voluntary warlords I suppose I don't know much more than you About the clothes that I throw in our venue But maybe you and me could sit down and form a treaty 'Cause there's nothing I'd like more Than to stay on this side of the door Come to the window, all of those gnomes and fawns could be for Parts of our castle, or we could just hit them all with C-4
Storms 03:11
Lucky boy playing in the yard On the sidewalk where he sometimes draws Chalk depictions of people he knew Mom was pink and dad was blue Then out came the clouds and the storms that would follow To mess with what he had Then all of his work was left tackled and hollow So much for mom and dad While the radio plays and the TV sets blare While the traffic jams rise and the tempers all flare While the football team wins and the stadium screams While the movies premiere and the theater lights beam There were silly cows on the old man's farm Thinking that they're gonna be safe outdoors But the sky had other plans Man upstairs turned on his fans Then the wind bearing down with its cruelest demeanor Swept right to where they stood The bitch sucked them up just like a vacuum cleaner And took them out for good While the postman delivers and the doctor takes out livers While the new baby cries and the dying man withers While the scientists study new species and forms Everyone you know has his own storms I don't want to go to work today I'm sure I'll have to go to work anyway So while I dine on leftover fish I offer my solitary wish That the rain turns to snow and the snow turns to hail And falls to four feet deep And then I'll have an excuse just to bail Stay home and get some sleep
The likes of you wouldn't have phased me before But I broke down and taught you everything And bought you everything And the drivers and debtors all found at my door Just a sad sound of passion in the making always for the taking I was your experiment, just a toy with which you could play A floundering guinea pig The likes of which drove you to madness at the end of the day Crash, bang, bam I sniffed at the notion while down on my knees With the feeling that there was something missing Maybe I was missing Through all your one hundred and eighty degrees Bottled up all the senses I was feeling, never once revealing
It's hard to get to work when the world is crashing down This apocalypse is messing with the commute The charts don't ever lie and they're hanging on the sly Fresh from machines so there's nothing to refute Well here comes a warning, an early detection This could kill you if you aren't careful There's always a warning from every direction And the message here is unbearable There's a girl behind the desk and her blouse is royal blue Somebody there will fuck her during the coffee break It's nothing but the best, all these tales of interest There's never enough time to run through another take But let's take another look now at the topographic map The winds shooting from the west, all falling rain The south is drying up and the north is all snowed in And the east is suffering through another hurricane And you don't like media tension
Dead from the neck up, going over in my head again Bland to the outdoors Windows glazed over that can't be looked in And all I've found is the same old fake And each time it looks like the same mistake And it kick me out of my home I was lost, you weren't mine I'd been waiting for a sign Damned if I don't, damned if I tried I'd been waiting for a sign Waiting for the umpteenth time Dead from the neck down, security tapes all on rewind Waiting on your call, standing by for the umpteenth time And all I've found is it's all my fault And I'm licking my wounds while you're passing the salt And it sticks me out on my own And all I know is the same old thing It's a simple story replenishing And it pulls me back in my hole
Milk 03:00
Whole milk comes in crates and trucks with carrier names They won't let you down Flavored piles of tripe and hash and trash and hype fly Spilling on the ground Seasons wasted and gone Mixes up with the labor on the lawn Fog is carrying home Raving mad, only scared that I'm alone Whole milk comes in files with khaki fax machines Put the seven down Catered to the rope licorice to be ripped off Of the muddled ground Milk falls in the saucer But I can't escape the fact that I've lost her Built like a bulldozer But the machination only draws closer
I'm a volatile chemical, I'm a bag of enzymes Don't think you have any hold on me Did you think I wouldn't adapt? That I wouldn't get what I needed to survive? Were you praying the traits wouldn't stay recessive? This evolution was long coming And at last these particles are combining These traits are forming I'm a volatile chemical, I'm a bag of enzymes Don't think you have any hold on me Did you think I wouldn't evolve? Are you hoping those traits recess? That I wouldn't get what I needed to survive? It's been said before, "I need to get things straight" The instructions call for this Don't think your grip is so tight I needed to get things straight and at last I have Can we open a window? The tension in here is suffocating Are you choking on this?


released January 8, 2008


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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