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Killing Time

by Scott Gesser

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One day while I was strolling through the town I saw a fallen tree upon the ground I took a look inside, and then I nearly died And ran off and told the people what I'd found It's an Arbor Day massacre Come on, gonna make it right Get your guns on the floor tonight Bet you're gonna see the light When the trees snap back at everything in sight Come on and join the fight Burn the fucker down by candlelight Firewood burning bright When the smoke dies down, gonna be all right The campers advised to travel just in packs The Boy Scouts all warding off the log attacks The unassuming brush wants to disrupt and crush And branches securely clinging to our backs The mighty oaks tower across the world Assaulting every hapless boy and girl The redwoods slaughter millions to death Assuring that the rest of us won't take another breath
Dreams come wandering, they float to your door Strange men call to you, you've seen them before The morning after rings blind To something you couldn't find Now it's time to learn what doctors request Step one seems to be just cooling your jets Heels clicking loud against stone You've gotta go it alone Forty three hours down the drain Your mistakes dance around your brain Kill the engine here, you've had quite enough You're not cut out for the going that's rough The phone alerts you at eight Your husband's getting home late Go in the back and get stoned
She said "I'm so over this, hell I've already been kissed" It was a slap on my wrist, and now I'm stupefied I didn't know what to expect, thought I might be a reject Impossible to detect the day our music died I'm creepin' and lurchin' and scroungin' and searchin' To show her she's all I can think of The janitor's daughter don't like what I bought her She says it's no symbol of love It worked with all other girls so I chose jewels and pearls She simply flicked at her curls and looked the other way Shook off the gifts I would bring, even the platinum ring She wouldn't touch anything, so I'm resigned to say I'm stompin' and scowling' and whoopin' and howlin' And dwindling down my bank account stash The janitor's daughter don't like what I got her She says there's no room for that trash I left dejected and scarred with my expense account card Didn't think it would be so hard, so hard to make her mine She said "It isn't about the meager objects or clout I thought you'd figure it out, but let's go one more time"
Why don't you quit while you're behind? Why don't you listen to the blind That leads you when you're also going blind? These days, you blink and they've sped by Now an eye no longer seems like it's A decent trade for someone else's eye Everything seems so fleeting, but our words are here to stay What would our children's children say? Why does everything have to be so crude? Why does it all have to be so crude? Why don't you learn to shut your mouth? To keep all of the good locked in And stop the rotten shit from spilling out The cities pile up with doubt One glance into the future and The present seems to plummet ever south We are trapped in a nightmare that isn't even ours I guess I'll meet you at the bar
Vanilla Kink 02:40
You're indestructible no matter the cost You know there's something desperate in all of your thoughts So you smash the barriers again and again Without a trace of the evidence of violent men Of violent men, yeah Sirens and helicopters won't trip you up You've got a private attorney on the end of your glove And if they ever catch up to you, you'll fly over the shelf Leaving a trail of dust behind you that's shaped like yourself Always shaped like yourself, yeah You've got your chocolate I've got my vanilla kink, bitch Aw, who'll wait in the morn Who'll wait in the morning when you don't come home? Who'll waiver your moan Who'll waiver your moaning when you're all alone? You've built up a cache of staggering nerve Making sure that all your clients get what they deserve And while they're handing off their savings in a kind little stack Return the favor with a fervor as they lie on their back They lie on their back, yeah You've got no qualms about sinning for cash Got suitors lining up to date you but you won't let them ask The very image of a wedding makes you cringe and distort Into a tiger trailing out, hunting the hunter for sport Hunting the hunter for sport, yeah In ten or twenty years you'll look back and smile At your pulling out the pieces of the guilty while guile And as you fall into a pleasant dream, you might catch a whiff Of the life you've never led and start to wonder what if Yeah, you'll wonder what if
Is it possible for two people to gather? If we're able I'll tell you stories you've already heard around the kitchen table And I hope you'll learn to love me for the man I used to be Because the person I am now falls short in each capacity Ham and mustard on every occasion Ham and mustard for every meal If repetition makes you get flustered Just imagine how my anecdotes feel All this time, I'm getting by On this bloodletting mind For the chance to get you high If I hadn't spent my wishes on the luck I'd never earned I would put them in your nightstand So you might never be spurned But there's no use plugging empty dreams of galaxies galore Where we wouldn't end up at the same damn diner as before Ham and mustard on every evening Ham and mustard for every snack My regaling goes on for eons Like an unrelenting panic attack All this time, I'm getting by On my betting mind For the chance to get you high It's a weird moment that I ruin to make this clearer to you I find that rarely do I have the faintest idea what I'm doing Ham and mustard on every occasion Ham and mustard for every meal My innovation needs sorely adjusted But for now, I'll have to plead for a deal All this time, I'm getting by On this bloodletting mind Trying to get you high
Child's play going on for days You know, everybody wants some Time for more Indian lore Before we all take turns getting dumb Reflex, get the hit direct If you don't mess around you could disconnect Hit the corner, now you're airborne Try hard not to get wrecked If you fly straight up into the sky You better open your eyes 'Cause it's a very thin line Between a Radio Flyer and a little red death wagon Amen, feel the buzz again And keep everybody inside Arms, legs and occasional heads Flipping out of control upon the ride Hold tight, got fight or flight But neither's gonna win out tonight You better come on with the rag top Casing over city, drop Looking like gold: pyrite I can't believe it's not on lock I hit achievements while I clock Outwards, I speed around the block Get trick-or-treaters with my glock Raising red flags everywhere I turn Everywhere I turn, got a city left to burn
Seat Filler 02:59
Pulling out onto the highway All our pictures in a suitcase in the trunk You nod off, sparkling like a model While I'm mostly feeling like a pile of junk We slowly sputter back from Vegas Where we didn't end up carrying out the plan The diamond sizzles in my pocket As I contemplate on crashing our sedan Seat filler, silent killer Gonna make you feel all right Seat filler, silent killer Gonna get us home all right Seat filler gonna get you through the night There was someone better out there His identity unknown to anyone He drives a better car than the one in which we are But I can't convince my fucking legs to run
Gaslighting 03:09
One, two, three, go I'm so excited to see you but I don't know why Pay no attention to my eyes They keep on doing this weird thing where they cry And all the tension keeps on Slinging me back in my room Keeping me connected to you You're too good for me, if only I could see The third side of this one-sided story You're so amazing At least, that's what all the cue cards say I only asked for nothing Because that's what I'm getting anyway I've got a lot on my mind but I forgot what it was That's just a thing that my brain does So I keep ignoring it all because It's so much easier this way When I finally open the vault Remember everything's my fault And all I retained is that you're a saint And it won't do me no good to complain Until everything gets clear I'm going to keep myself right here My world is a joke, I'm going for broke Wait, pardon me, I think I misspoke Gaslighting
Waking up on three legs in the evening The hours quickly waning And still nobody's waiting Tracing lines and patterns on the table You'd love to see the sunset But you don't know if you're able Folded over, barely understanding Let's break the hourglass open Throw a little extra sand in One last first, one final beginning One more chance to start with a clean slate and make it dirty One last first, one final beginning One more go around sounds like a lot, but it's all worth it All the possibilities unfolding It's time to filter out, now The regrets you've been holding Why didn't you ever see Heritage Square? Go get yourself a taxi 'Cause I promise that it's still there Don't cling to all the hours that slipped away Sure, everybody's time comes But yours won't come today You've got time to fall in love again For the first time again And no one's gonna stop you again Again And when you finally close your eyes forever Spend your after hours in leisure With the moments you remember


released August 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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