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by Scott Gesser

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It would take a miracle for you and I to work this out It would take the hand of a higher power For us to be compatible So much for a second chance, it's time to take our final bow In another circumstance we might have a shot But I don't see the glass as half full Giraffes can't sixty-nine And pigs can't fly around the otherwise empty sky And no one's turning water into wine So that doesn't leave much hope for you and I The curtain has closed on us The lights are up, there's no encore Though remnants of everything we've been through Have pushed me down and seared my skin There's nothing left to discuss since I won't see you anymore Maybe on a different plane of our existence I'd bow to temptation and give in Giraffes can't sixty-nine And faces never freeze that way when they pretend to cry Maybe we'll find some other way to get around this Maybe we can meet us halfway to get around this Giraffes can't sixty-nine And angels don't fall to the floor over a lie
Cloudless skyline, should I excavate my life? Should I dive inside my mind and swim through the brine? Or should I stare through you like superstition says? Well, every dog must have his day, and I'll spend mine in bed Cloudless skyline, making gestures toward my blinds Should I draw the curtains or lock my light outside I don't want to see you but I just can't escape the view So even with no balcony, you beckon me to climb right through Feeling good but I'm feeling horrible, oh yeah I traded my luck for an eternity of this cloudless skyline Cloudless skyline, won't you hold my head up high? You've so inviting but do I ever dare to try? Should I make these leaps and bounds toward greatness? You say I'm so worthy, but why? Stop pretending that I don't exist and just give me a sign Feeling good but I'm feeling terrible, oh yeah I traded my luck for an eternity of this cloudless skyline
Coffee rolls and pigeonholes sucking out my breath Like a stagecoach waiting to turn back into a pumpkin I can wait, I've got nothing better to do today Oh my, I see you're back in town, you've grown renowned To wear that thing you call a hospital gown But I guess I won't be seeing you around I've tried my hardest just to make up a hit single Despite my best efforts, all I could come up with Is a detergent jingle, uh huh Manic but not yet depressed, I think it's best If you stay dressed, I'm calling in for backup But my dial-o-gram is smashed to smithereens That when gathered into a ball will one day Take over the world and now I'm hunting with My trusty smithereen gun to make them curl Stop, stop the presses, my confession is that I'm obsessed with entities from overseas Who burn my knees to third degrees and such I swear I'm only making fun of everyone under the sun With just one line, is that a crime? Wait, hold that thought, it's feeding time You've been stung by the blighting bug And you'll never write a worthwhile song again Just take your bow and line up now 'Cause selling out is really cashing in
Chapters 03:48
Chapter one wasn't much fun Turn me on and turn me back off The day right after was pure disaster And I hated everybody I say But the diatribe continued to thrive And my house didn't feel like a home I didn't have to shout to get you kicked out But I think I'm better off alone Romantic horror is leaving me worn Luck ain't been a lady since the day I was born And I can't prove to you but I can provide evidence to Chapter two left me feeling blue But the words I couldn't find I searched and scoured for lingering hours But got lost in the back of my mind No ifs or buts 'cause the mouth sewn shut Prevented any quiet sighs And it's a mystery about how it could be That she had any more fear than I Chapter three started perfectly With nothing but respect The later talks without stumbling blocks And no hesitation to be direct But late one night after having a pint Someone else pulled into the fray And it's a mistake I know, but how could somebody throw Something that could've been so damn perfect away?
Nothing remaining but the pine-scented sinking hull The afterglow's fading, look at how down you've left your guard And I just dreamt we were out of luck My dream came true, now I'm feeling stuck Your line is trailing, it looks like your reeling out Maybe we'll move on now that this hurt is gone And I think we should fuck other people Enough of this head trip 'cause I left my case behind I wish you'd get off it, or is it too late to save a life? I wish I knew what the future brought Step back as if you've just gotten caught Can I breathe for a minute? Am I taking up all your time? I will not hesitate to shine I will not hesitate to burn your mental gate You think you're trading up but now you're just a little late You will not regulate, I won't negotiate You spend your empty days cascading into empty hate
The 70's 03:50
I wish I was left below the mask, forgot a feeling, uh huh A chromosome, or better yet, a chromonone Is down for healing a heart Deal me out of this hand tonight I'm a country man staring at a city skyline And it's no one's fault but mine Let the seventies take their time I've had enough of getting soaked with the sun It's so misleading, uh huh While you wait for a better day to take the fall But now's for sleeping on Deal me out of this hand tonight I'm a criminal heading for a desert skyline You don't need me and I don't need you Forget about the fancy clothing you put on The play by plays are never wrong It's not about the way you market yourself A muse of everything including the catalog The potion isn't quite as strong Deal me out of this hand tonight I'm an eagle scout waiting on tomorrow's skyline But it's everyone's fault but mine Let the seventies take their time
This is where I draw the line, this is where I take my time I feel no need to unbalance my life I feel no desire to spring into the fire This is where I feel around, clinging tightly to the sound Of something that I cannot place I wish that I could see your face This ain't rocket surgery but it won't come easily When I kill our chemistry, please don't be too mad at me This is where I make my move, this is where I lose my proof That I can be wired for you, if I jump off just try not to scoff This ain't rocket surgery, please don't look so mad at me
Clock Tower 03:34
Balsa wood stairwell predicts that I'll slip The spattering of my spine Fill out these forms and you're ready to go Now sign above the dotted line The muscle of the man with the muzzle in his hand The piercing stab of his good eye A teal-colored knapsack stole my seat So I got up and waved goodbye Stone maker, heartbreaker Either way, it all comes out in wash Clock tower, superpower Either way, it all comes out in wash A stacked out slam pack stacked to the rafters With gossip and rhetoric The man with the face leash stubs out his stogie And the scent of it makes me sick Police be advised, there's a boy in disguise Slinging shifters in a bar on Fifth But he's caught doing ninety when he slams into a pine tree And the car length equals the width Now if I could only imbed the look in my head With the lead in this serrated knife's edge I'd probably confuse the two of them together And I'd have to quit being a pledge Now the silent alarm brings both peace and harm And when I'm asking which, it depends But the man left the stand with the silent film running still And I can't get up 'til it ends
I want to drive down the middle of the road I want to climb into another hemisphere I want to pressurize until I explode I want to bug myself and see what I hear I want to daydream in the middle of the night I want to have a nightmare during the day I want to fuck things up but say it's all right I want to come out thinking everything's okay But I can't do that right now 'cause I'm too scared But I'm not weak and you've said your peace Now say your prayers I want to scream and shout when everyone's looking I want to accidentally make myself whole I want to spill whatever it is that I'm cooking I want to be the only one I control I want to hang a photo of you on my door I want to stare at it until it's a blur I want to not want to want you anymore I want to see you and pretend that you're her
Pick Up Line 03:15
What's your name, pretty thing? Have you been here before? I ain't seen your face around here often but I'd like to see it more I like the way you scowl at me Before you head straight for the door Your outfit's looking good on you but it'd look better on my floor Put a gin and tonic in for me, put a margarita on the rocks I'm a captain of my industry and I'm proud to say I'm on the clock I'll take another shot, bartender, I'm giving out a pick up line 'Cause in the morning I'll surrender Now I'm feeling more than fine You must have fallen from heaven 'cause you're the angel I see You've got to be cheap because the best things in life are free We could run away together, get married, have a family Unless you're planning to just throw another round on me Put a round of whiskey in for me Put a glass of brandy on my tab I'm a helpful little SOB and I'll hold you when you're feeling bad You're such a sweet little girl, I'd like to give you a whirl I'd want to make your toes curl And hear you shout out my name as if it won't be the same Since I'm the one that's to blame Put a scotch and soda in for me, put a goblet of tequila down I'm a wall of insecurity and I'll make you realize I'm around Put a nameless vodka in for me Put a nameless lager in there too I'm a million things to nobody and I'll mean a little less to you
Outside Joke 04:21
I've heard of roses beating down your door Giving you a hug, cradling you in its thorns They'll poke into your heart and they'll tear it apart They'll prod into your soul and they'll pull it out whole It's that time of night to turn out the bright lights And start spinning deep inside To tear away from which you abide I feel the razor sharp pangs of my heartstrings being tied When love attacks you all that's left is just a solitary mind So let's drown love in our own sea and we'll turn out just fine I've seen the boxes of chocolate on the rise The cordial paints a rose color on your eyes They'll speak a million lies about a million girls and guys They'll go right to your thighs and quench the feeling 'til it dies I know there's swans and doves upon the make I watch the rings and the multi-layered cake The colognes and perfumes and the brashest balloons Crawling out from the slime to see you one last time
Jaguarini 03:43
Tonight at dusk, pick up the villain through his musk Charge up the hill, proceed to dive bomb for the kill Rip raw the flesh and never worry for the mess And go alone and don't quit 'til you see the bone I care, don't beware of another Formulaic masterpiece to rip into your day I apply dreams of roughness, dreams of wired, rugged animals And think, "Maybe I'll conform on the way" Drag home the rest and put it in the frozen chest Curl up in bed, a sleek black line upon your head The mate gets in and greet her with a toothy grim Speed up, pull back, a differing kind of attack No don't behave, just function like a tidal wave Bow toward the moon 'cause winter will be coming soon
There's nothing to do, there's nothing to see There's not a direction to go except down There's nobody here, there's shit on TV It's more fascinating to be under Grounded by my own subconscious I would like more input on this All of my efforts are futile Like a car that's stuck in neutral I'm all by myself, just stranded alone I feel like I'm destined to just collect flakes There's fear in the air, or is that cologne? Or maybe my world is just a mis- Take me away from this hell hole Ask me not for whom the bell tolls I turn back to face the room and Wonder if I'm less than human I won't lie, I need my dignity intact As this repetition starts wearing thin and I won't try to break out of this mold, in fact I can see the headlines, "Boredom strikes again" So much for my short elation Hoping for reincarnation Bearing down on my every wish But that's life when you're a goldfish
Sky Sax Park 03:23
Look at all the rug burns in the sky Look at how I feel as they pass by I wish I could get out and get myself started But I'm wallflowerin' at this world of a party And I have no incentive left to try And I have no fishes left to fry Less is more when it comes to us, the love I feel is dangerous And all in all, we're quite the perfect mess I figure more or less, I always figure more or less Get a load of Leo on the sax Get a load of all his heart attacks He waxes aloof to his random combustion And I never look to those people to trust in And I have no destination for the fax And I'm watching others watch their backs Less is more when it comes to us, the love I feel is dangerous And sometimes you're a damsel in distress I figure more or less, I always figure more or less Have you seen the people in the park? Have you seen them chewing on the bark? They're left with no options so they have discovered To finish off one and move on to the others And I have no incline to leave my mark And I'd hate to be there when it's dark Less is more when it comes to us, the love I feel is dangerous And I need time to work this out, I guess I figure more or less, I always figure more or Less is more when it comes to us, the love I feel is dangerous And all in all, I feel like I've been blessed I figure more or less, I always figure more or less


released December 28, 2009


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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