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No, You Hang Up

by Scott Gesser

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Quicksand 04:44
Twist and turn and pull, I'm stuck But as it is I've had good luck See, there's a vision I kept when I was feeling inept And now the plane ticket's bought whether I like it or not You can take my heart and shove it around And I'll search for the damn thing underground When all the rain comes, drowning in the sand Well, that won't tell you who I am Calm your nerves, have some hors d'oeuvres I'm having a tough time with words There's people skating aloft with my recycled thoughts And the old journal I hold has now been packed and sold You can fill me up with the words you shout And then tie me to a post and knock them out These fleeting words are almost unnecessary Well, you could drag me to the docks And then show me your hooks How much I crave you, well it's so very very And everybody's lookin' 'round at the way everybody looks
Meteor 04:17
Thursday afternoon in the middle of the winter Rock salt and traffic fumes as the blood, it gets thinner Not much to do outside, even less on TV Feels like this mellow is fixing to dominate me But I could be wrong again Suddenly a static bang shooting down from above Can't say it was the kind of thing I'd ever heard of Sprinted out of the house, stood barefoot on the lawn Scratching my chin like I know what's going on Overhead, through the sky 'Round the mountain, there she flies Called away from her life Set to touch down, watch us die The air was stagnant but only at first Craned my neck up, took a turn for the worst Kind of like an orange ball, all flume and enormous Lookin' like a demon dog and heading right for us Never been a smart man, never had a lot of friends Now I'm stuck in limbo, that's the way this thing ends Run low on options and so I turn to prayer But I keep on looking up and that fucker's still there Yeah, I hope I'm wrong again
I Can't Fly 03:40
I can't fly Do you ever hear the way that it sounds when you speak? What's the point of being strong when it's easier to be weak? 'Cause I spent my life saving miracles For the things that I believe And I spent my life saving miracles That I could have spent on me Do you ever consider what's coming out of your mouth? 'Cause it seems that the birds Aren't the only things heading south Now I've spent my nights just wondering If it's all a giant hoax And I've spent my time just wondering If it's one big fucking joke I turn around and then I've been In the same place that I'm always in 'Cause I spent my life saving miracles On these things that I can't see And I spent my life wasting miracles That I could have spent on me
If you have to ask, then the answer's no 'Cause the time goes fast, but it feels so slow Every day I read all the words you write And I hope that they get you through the night Find a way to float on forever Through the gray, whatever the weather Hold ghosts that bind us together Read your notes, and the ties they will sever You can take a look through a window pane But it doesn't mean that it's all the same This is not the time to play cat and mouse Through the corridors of my giant house Whatever the hell gets you through the night now Whatever the hell makes you feel all right now
When I see the look that you once gave me Attached to other entities Well it's not right, but I can't fight I just can't stand the upset To mess with these thoughts in my head The sultry voice behind my bed I just can't take it, but I'll have to grin and bear it The enemy is calling The hurt in me is calling, yeah Now which one of us is starting a witch hunt? I'd like to abort this mission But it's all quiet on this front And I'm waiting patient, the missive The opportunity this kid Has brought will soon be twisted And twisted
For the people that stay in, this is where you will begin The mind bends and then it breaks From the crunch of paper plates All the ones with roller-blades come to put them in my face And it's weird because they've got a funny aftertaste Got a reason in this lifetime to be best friends with yourself And it's good to climb the ladder for more than just your health I like seeing the apparitions Watching their tour groups come in For the people that stay in, this is when you will begin I've been choking back the words For the baked brains of the birds Moving off the stationary objects when the window passes by My counterparts and my pajamas are one and the same They're the only ones who've ever truly tried to learn my name For the people that stay in, this is when you will have a hunch That things won't always be the same I've got a hunch that things won't always be the same, yeah For the people who sit up and patrol the perimeter Every now and then I look over and I swear I can still see her
Every time you come around You always seem to drag me down You've got that sparkle in your eyes As my sparkle slowly dies From the mouths of babes, I learn Oh, how I learn Now you're telling me to shush All you ever do is push First you shove me far away Then you're crawling back, crawling back that day You've always got your claws in me It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy But no more time will I spend on your games And I'm telling you now that life will never ever be the same I've been fooled by you before But I won't be fooled anymore And even though you think it's cute I'm done with your forbidden fruit
Bear Food 03:53
And I went into the woods with you And we were both bear food but we didn't know it yet And I felt so discouraged By all that you'd said to me, whatever it meant And it's cold After days of wandering aimlessly You sat down and said to me, "I'm giving up here" And I wish, I wish I had said something But logic notwithstanding, I choked back the fear You set a precedent that I could not explain But when I go out hunting in the shining light I'd do it over again And I yelled, "What the hell are we looking for?" She said, "I don't know anymore," and that was the end I should have fought back all that fear in my lazy heart I should have ripped it into pieces and torn it all apart I shouldn't have left you out to die in this crazy cold
Skills to make them dollar bills To bring the bacon home That's what you want, that's your thrill But you got them entrepreneurial blues And every time I fall, you could catch me if you choose As you will run imagination You will soak up the fun at your station You need a vacation Sealed, the top scientist in your field And if them bad boys come to knock you down a peg They'd better yield And I'm just a hunk of washed up slime And I can't understand why you would bother Giving me your time As you will run imagination You will soak up the fun at your station Thanks for being so patient Let me find out the hard way please I wanna find out the hard way please
One, two, three, four You're quite complacent with your looming social effigy You time your frolics with the spirit of a worker bee And every single lingering thing you've ever said to me Will be erased from history and then I'll be set free You've got the heart of an enigma in a poison cloak When all your premonitions gather dust, you go for broke And I'm not one to speak in tongues around the maiden folk So I can't do a thing to stop you when you gasp and choke Whatever nice thing I may have said about you, I take it back I can't believe all the actions that you've vowed to do You're awful cunning, awful careless and just awful too The broken glass that I once walked on just to hang with you Has been ground down into a powder sprinkled on the pew And this world is always clamoring with light But sometimes the clamor doesn't come out right And the fear that hides so deep behind your eyes Will take over in a moment, leaving you as its disguise A fantasy sits in your future 'cause you left behind A harsh reality that still managed to treat you kind And maybe if I took a second look then I would find That taking second looks can make a motherfucker blind
One, two, three, go Well I sprang the king of cineplexes staring down my throat A tangled mess of hairspray in the wind And I've blown up southern hostels with a flicker of my tongue If I had the chance I'd blow them up again So many dare correct me with their challenges of will You'll find them in a vagrant's jar With velveteen and laminates on the hill And they sing Well I flanked the Starship Enterprise and skidded to a halt And buried all the leptons in the ground And I've strode into the galleries with dollar signs in tow A teardrop shape that forms when I'm around A golden crust of cellophane that hangs above my head Some people wish I'd tear it down And others simply wait until I'm dead And they sing A million trials of atmospheric content residue And each one rendered meaningless When I dream of the angel that is you, that is you And I sing
Blast Radius 04:49
Well I got scared of taking your hand 'Cause it seemed so very grandiose And then you latched onto mine And now I'm feeling so ashamed that I ever felt that way It's gone, oh yeah, it's gone And I don't think it's coming back again Gone, oh yeah, it's gone But I'm better off for having dealt with it My eyes betray, they dart back and forth No they won't stay locked on course You're not inept, you notice offhand But you pull me in to dance along to our new unwritten song And now your implication's catching me off guard Why does something so easy have to seem so hard? I'm like a tiny mouse just swaying to the beat Of your pied piper routing that you've been playing for me And all the city limits open up And you and I can raise our cups to nothing Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all We throw away the lives we hated Let's throw our past into the blast radius Gone, oh yeah, it's gone And now I'll say good riddance to the bitch
Feathers 04:11
There's a cliff over which I have slipped And I fell into the river of the ways that I love you And there's a song that I've been singing wrong For so very long, but now I know that I love you This is the way it is, from now on we'll be together And I hope you'll be fine with all my feathers There's a paper on the side of the table And it finds in favor of letting me love you And there's a sky in which I will write For a million miles all the ways I love you If I could take a dream, you know that I would I'll try hard not to scheme But you could be my queen if only you would And we could reign supreme


released March 18, 2014


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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