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One Fine Day

by Scott Gesser

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You've got an awful lot of bees in your bonnet Sell them to a reservation, build an Applebee's on it There's a tic within your system, but you just barely missed him You might as well keep chugging on along your infinite wisdom Stop looking for the message There is no hidden message This is what I write when I can't sleep The time drips down the pipe, whatever that means The hour is nigh for you to dust yourself off and Buy the planks of cedar so you can assemble your coffin Clinging to the edge of reason while you act like you're breezin' But you can't decipher whether it's duck or rabbit season Stop looking for the subtext There isn't any subtext I've never been the patron saint of emotion But I'm paddling in circles in my own private ocean You know there's nothing wrong with telegraphing an object But it's slightly less appealing when you're caught in your project
Found 02:18
Ahem Well I would let you know if this Sunday's worse Than next Monday, I feel so unrehearsed Fragmented sentences abound Whenever you or your photograph hangs around But I'm cannonballing into a Nile-sized file Of trying to make you smile Well I could take you out or you could take me out With one well-placed shot to the mouth Well I'm fine with flying high but my wiper fluid just ran dry I need another training day For more ingenuous ways to make you found The morning after your laughter still projects The fragmented song of the fairer sex I'm small and feeble and undermined And generally unaware, I find With two minutes left to hear your chime One hundred and twenty seconds' time I gotta hold on longer, fake all my powers Whenever two minutes becomes two hours I'm hell bent on getting this across But my vocabulary and I are lost Behind the bangs, they're at an angle Now I fear that I'm becoming tangled I could take another look into the stars And maybe find a constellation that would tell us where we are And I could draw a picture of it on a napkin at a bar And give it to you as a gift so you could wipe away your scars
Comic Sans 03:25
Remember the time that everybody decided To hate on Limp Bizkit? Well this is exactly like that, except we're doing it with you You used to be fine, a little bit out your mind But it was mostly amusing But as all the days have worn along Your true colors shone through And now everyone knows the decisions you chose And the allies you didn't keep We flew off on a tear, now with dirt in your hair You're future's looking bleak Goodbye, so long, you're dead, you're gone I'm done with you I gave my trust, you let it rust Nice knowing you Remember when all the people Started to call Comic Sans annoying And through no fault of its own, it became a pariah? It's a little bit different Because your whole existence is basically voided But you traveled faster down the path and you blew your own tire Your revisionist history blames all your misery Squarely on my spine But the real caveat is we're right and you're not So you edit one more time Goodbye, so long, you're dead, you're gone I'm done with you You hit it big, then flipped your lid Take care of you Can you imagine having such a low self image That you're only tolerated by the kids who pay your taxes? I suppose I want the best for you, your problems to be solved But that's provided that in no way will I ever be involved Goodbye, so long, you're dead, you're gone I'm done with you You're a cliché in every way Three cheers for you
Rolled in the cover, fill it up faster I want something better Stuck in the motions that became apparent I found your letter Time stands still and there's a cog in the system That's holding it all Someday maybe you'll feel brave enough To pull it down off the wall Later that morning Two cups of something make me feel stronger Easy to press on When you don't think you'll press on much longer Deep in the valley, time's running backwards Things are moving slower One looks away and glares at the other "Bring the body closer" Time stands still and there's a cog in the system That's holding it all Someday maybe you'll feel brave enough To pull it and let it fall Bring the body closer
Reach 02:38
This wave will bring a lot of room to climb and jump They say I'm late, but it all works out when I show up pumped I find this in a bedroom living in my shit Fine and candy and wired, tired Try this to puncture right through it So what if I'm slightly ashamed of them? I can fall forward into the wall and bounce right back again I will dream of wanderlust to reach the crystal ball So that maybe I can find you when you call Don't think twice about playing with your smoke signals I can only hope there will be formulas and wooden nickels I've spent the past two thousand three hundred and ninety-seven Minutes on my back counting the tiles on the roof of heaven I don't know if I'm running out of time too fast Being who I am, I forgot to bring my fucking hourglass I won't stop rocking out at three o'clock on the dot I swear it Let me see this Ice Capade, let me join the masquerade Because if nothing, I'm afraid that everything will be deleted And I will wait for eons and not criticize at all So that one day I will find you when you call
Gadgets 04:13
Once I was staring at the floor While the mouse hole told me riddles To make up for my lack of vision And an incomplete CD will become the death of me Then upon my back there snuck a decision So much for third person dialogue and parent traps I had set myself, devoid of anybody to help But the slot car jumped the gun and so nobody won And now I'm stuck from wall to wall with boxes full of Gadgets are breaking into my house Getting ready to fill the void of all I asked for And I can't get rid of the mess But it's my own fault, I guess My mineshaft bore too much for fruition While I can only stockpile My finger on the pulse, the extractions from my new tradition in Gadgets are trying to wear me out Adding up on the hour and I can't take much more The man in the light blue lab coat said That I really ought to take a step outdoors And my only stumbling block Is that I won't possess a home to crawl into anymore With all these gadgets
Country-fried hair and a grown-up mask You got a green caravan to take to task But it's slim to none and slim skipped town Gotta hold all the calls or they'll take you down Strep throat, ready with the piece of ploy Those Constantinopleans jump for joy Got the attitude of a pissed off feigner With the drunk complexion of a young John Boehner She's tall and blonde, falling out of touch With the Vicodin she never really cared for much She's staring down the barrel of an empty head 'Cause his cheese brain blocked all the words she said She needs five new mindsets, one at a time With a ferry from the carrier pigeon line Fitting in with everything just like taupe But the eight ball speaketh and it says "nope" This is what happens when the weak get weaker Peel out, leave the city in flames Look the devil in the eye and then call him names You get a sheik veneer and a crooked grin As you fall into the same trap over again Quiet in the alley in the fishing yard Got a dollar for your neighbor on a Metro card With the sleek breeze carrying a tune That's been everywhere but it's new to you Meanwhile, she's covering the database Blacking out each page with her rollerblades Stop whining, you say it's fine And you looked at the chart and bug's benign Dream big, collar that criminal Super-amplify the superliminal Ready as a ranger with a razor cap But the horoscope reads "stay home and nap" Call me exceptional, call me irreparable now Call me forgettable, call me regrettable now
Ampersand 02:52
Fingernails spell out words in the dirt All the while fumbling aimlessly And raining on this parade we brought to town Soaked in dark permanent marker and stained to the crown Wall to wall, smokescreen sad passengers Lingering, waiting for something new To grab a hold and then knock the control from their hands Shouting to no one their deepening list of demands To the west the sun droops in the sky Bored to death, as a man picks up a paper to read And the wants and the needs and the climb We parade on 'til the daylight is gone We list out our dreams while we muffle our screams But the tunnel will bend and we'll float to the end in due time
I think I might have a lump under my arm I should probably get that squared away But if I drive I might push myself too far So I guess that I'll stay I promise this is not the end This is only the beginning for us, my friend And if you ever are in doubt about the life that you've been living This is only the beginning Used to like to go running after dark That was back when we weren't petrified Of an unwanted hand or coarse remark Now we huddle inside No matter how the documents from yesterday Are blacked out and slathered Well, they can't take away the promises we made They're the ones that matter Are you dreaming of summer where you are? Back before all the statues broke in too If the masses had not trampled my car I'd come looking for you I'll come looking for you When the flags have fallen down And the mortar dries up and the cracks are old and thinning You will link your arm in mine And we will fight our way to the front line
Hold Me Back 05:11
We gathered in the open court Following a trail of pebbles Devon picked up at the lake Youth is wasted on the young The rest of us were stuck there Clutching at a feeling we couldn't shake They said the seas were choppy at best A wiser man would stay at home The flagship planted on the bow A million miles away from anything resembling paradise We rocked for hours, maybe days The whirls so brutal that a hot deserted island sounded nice And then the cannon fire from where, I couldn't say Too busy buried in my bed Hold me back, hold me back Hold me back, don't let me get 'em Hold me back, hold me back Hold me back, hold me back Hold me back, I'm gonna get 'em Now is the time when I attack Now is the time when we attack They took my wife and took my son They took my wallet And they emptied out the pockets in my shorts I wondered where the captain went "He's all but gator food for now," the leader managed to retort It seemed so fruitless then to make for anywhere There wasn't anywhere to be You're probably scratching at your scalp You're thinking to yourself How could this man have gotten out alive? His family standing by his sides Based on the parable I told, there's no way that I could survive A tale deceitful isn't what you signed up for Tell everyone I said farewell


The entirety of this album was written and recorded in a 24-hour period on November 12th, 2016.


released November 13, 2016


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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