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by Scott Gesser

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Warm Regards 03:41
As they lowered my body into the ground I hoped it was fleeting When they piled the dirt on and patted it down My hope was retreating If I could send a message to them I’d ask them politely not to do it again They’d throw their skulls back and let out a yell And send me down to the bowels of hell Warm regards As they stomped on the casket and set it on fire My luck was concluding And they couldn’t wait to finish so they could retire To take on their brooding Guilty and guileless, they stuck to the plan When I couldn’t take it, I cut and I ran They’ll tail me forever if that’s what it takes To make me pay for their parents’ mistakes I don’t want to deal with your warm regards I’m not an expert but I can predict The monster inside of us and what makes it tick I dream of its movements, built a map in my head But that doesn’t matter ‘cause I’m already dead Please feel free to leave me alone And don’t you ever come back
Bubble Wrap 02:32
I know what I’m doing Just watch what I’m doing I love taking them all away I’m putting them all away Been doing it all my days I’m taking them all away Some people think it’s worthless I like wrapping my arms in it They’ll say it serves no purpose Laying on it for a minute I support its existence, bursting for a million hours I love the sound they emit Never have I felt such power I’m popping, I’m popping bubble wrap The noise, it never lingers Stomping back and forth for more fun Crushed worlds beneath my fingers In the backseat, bring a small one So soft yet unforgiving, and I can’t feel like a loner I’m always truly living with someone else’ leftovers I know what I’m doing You’ll love what I’m doing I love taking them all away I’m putting them all away I tell you, it’s all I need I’m taking them all away
Well, he said, “Hey man Would you like to take this taste test Down to the front of the line of this restaurant And break the boundaries of what I refer to as Corporate whores who go lying from door to door?” And I don’t know why it’s so cold The breeze in this room makes the rain wax natural And I don’t know why it’s all gold To hear these things and avoid subliminal My best friend’s a mechanic, always mechanizing He’s gotta do what he can to fix every last little thing And it worked fine for a while He said, “It’s not too tough” Until his wife left ‘cause he couldn’t fix himself up This girl had seven fingers on her left hand alone Six worked well but the last was whittled to the bone But she would never ditch it no matter how we pressed There could’ve been a lesson in that I guess I guess I broke into acting right around the time I broke into Fort Know, but I only thought it To be a petty crime Trying to make ends meet but they only unwind Another mistake that I make in making up my mind And I don’t know why it’s so cold There’s always one more and it seems so meaningful But I don’t know why it’s all gold To just accept that you’re just delusional
Sleeping Angelica slips down the sheets Caressing the nervousness that lives in her dreams She knows that safety isn’t too far away I lie awake in bed staring at the walls Watching the cracks build up and hoping she calls It’s a sad life, I know, but I can’t help that fact Sleeping Angelica conquers her fears Reaching my stable hand collecting her tears And I haven’t slept for these past hundred years
Alls I Need 03:47
Well, I’m a scheming burst of manic dirt Brazen and falling right off of the edge of the earth When the bodies collide, they’ll see innocence In an isle of pride and feral elephants Alls I need is someone to think I’m beautiful and Alls I need is someone to think I’m powerful and Alls I need is someone to think I’m admirable and Alls I need is Well, you can call me crazy but don’t call me late When I’m flying into mine and the suction so powerful Of life I speak in the throes of the hilt Until your every intention has been thoroughly killed, yeah Sugar and faith, such a deadly combination Waited for days for your unplanned resignation Well, the last of the glass is breaking up through the phone I’m annoyed with you calling the phone I don’t even own No loan, no gun, no winter wonder But an impression of my hand right before I’m pulled under
Sitting in the lazy boy, I’m trying to reflect a bit How’d my life get so messed up And what should I do to deal with it? One way I’ll get good and strong My mind will reel and I’ll do fine Then the other comes along And tells me that it’s drinking time Gin or ginseng One of these could set me free Gin or ginseng Either way, it’s up to me I’m so wrapped up in myself That I can’t hear beyond my head But I’ve got to take a route I can’t adjourn until I’m dead
You fowled me and you fooled me in the worst way Glass-cutting like a jewel thief on my birthday But is this really such an old veneer? Take heart now, for your smoke flares I’ll be steering It’s so hard taking to heart what I’m hearing The waves are making waves right in my ears I don’t mind taking ten paces to the rope laid on the floor I just want to shake your hand And I don’t fear visiting places that I’ve never seen before I’m blowing up upon command You once looked like Madonna with her baby Protected by the halo that could save me It’s getting so that I can barely steer Catapult me high, I’m blowing up Hang me out to dry, I’m blowing up Turn me to the left, I’m blowing up And maybe I’ll forget that I’m blowing up I want you to forget that I brought this up I’m sure that the whole thing was just a mix-up
Whoa 03:53
I want to kiss you all night long Wait a second, that came out wrong I want to be around you every day But that’s not really what I meant to say I’m trying so hard to be deep and meticulous But all of my words are so trite and ridiculous And nothing I say wants to stick I’m feeling so confused and perturbed, just a little disturbed Now please excuse me while I put that into words ‘Cause I could hold you ‘til my arms run out of strength Touch you ‘til my hands disintegrate “Whoa” is all I’m really trying to say But it keeps coming out just a little bit cliché, yeah I want to grab you, squeeze you tight If I could only say it right I want to taste you ‘til I’m numb But scratch that ‘cause it sounded just a little too dumb I’m fighting the urge to use poetic imagery And picking up hints in those pink girly magazines I’m falling apart at the seams I think maybe I’m thinking too much about my angles and such I’m going Dutch, either way I’m giving up And I could kiss you ‘til I’m doing it in my dreams Think about you ‘til my brains blow to smithereens “Whoa” is all I’m really trying to say But it keeps coming out just a little bit cliché, yeah I want to be the one you want But my voice will only taunt I want to captivate your heart But my language barrier keeps pulling us apart One two three four five six seven eight One two three four, take it from the top now One two three four five six seven eight Bring it on home now
Not A Waltz 03:58
Checked the store windows before they opened After spending years waiting and hoping Gathered up my friends, “Hey, have you seen this?” Notes hand-carved from the desk of a genius Rolls of pennies I got from the bat next door Just enough to buy what I was looking for I ran home with my prize package flailing I waited, we all waited, and you failed me What am I listening to now? ‘Cause it’s not a waltz, it’s not a waltz How could you let us all down? ‘Cause it’s not a waltz, it’s not a waltz Track by track, I was wracked with confusion All bogged down in your new dissolution Thought of past lives, the poetic master Now it’s turned around, you selfish bastard How would you like it if we all betrayed you? Was it easier when all the suits paid you? Hope you like it when your friends all start sailing I waited, we all waited, and you failed me Breathe in, breathe out, check in, check out Punch in, punch out, sell in, sell out Now it’s in, two, three, out, two, three In, two, three, out, two, three Out to be out to get out Forget the waltz, don’t live for the waltz ‘Cause it’s not a waltz
No, I won’t rain on your parade On the Lido deck I’ve got it made On the wrong trail the hunter waits For the tall tales of second dates If I broke down in a pool of panic Will it turn us back around to whence we came? For the moment things are still afloat Water sprays out through the megaphone Past the encore of the tired eyes Of a million geriatric guys Now I’ll break down in a pool of panic Will it slow the damage down or make it drain? Eighty percent is what I’ve been told Let’s see how much of it I can hold Treading fiercely in a pool of panic Grab at nonexistent ground I’ve been taken by the pool of panic Listening to the silent sounds creep in my brain
Be Quiet 03:42
For years of this I’ve suffered for Only the good of my plans And tonight’s the night they get their comeuppance The décor set up tirelessly The strings tucked into their cans And it won’t be long ‘til the festival begins Be quiet, be quiet, there’s someone at the door Be quiet, be quiet, for about ten seconds more Downtown, a man is soaked in sweat His diagrams are at fault But he’s still trying to earn his weekly pay The sirens burst out screaming from The belly of the vault To signify that the fuzz is on its way Be quiet, be quiet, just lay low on the floor Be quiet, be quiet, for about ten seconds more The hardships of the hardware guy Have been the work of a beast And moments of tranquility were rare But it all came to a head when his Best friends were all deceased And so he cornered in on silent prayer Silence racing through my wavelengths Be quiet, be quiet, what am I searching for? Be quiet, be quiet, for about ten seconds more Be quiet, be quiet, an epithet, for sure Be quiet, be quiet, for about ten seconds more
Bound for the sun, it’s always moving And I’m trying to catch up Me and the moon have wrestled over Why the sun was hidden Day after day I struggle For the destination of that star Forever fighting for the chance To chance the world forbidden You should see the sun in evening wear You should hide the night before it ends It’s like a different sun to see It’s like a different sun to me Bound for the sun, it’s always moving But I swear I must catch up Looking for something that awaits me Upon my arrival Nothing but me and weather Face to face, we’re facing off alone I will remain assured and faithful In my own survival Bound for the sun, it’s always moving But I swear I will catch up Me and the moon have got no business Talking to each other Fighting the deadline posted upon the wall By the horizon No one but me knows what I’m seeking Or when I will get there


released June 29, 2018


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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