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Shoot Through The Room

by Scott Gesser

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Jet Black 03:20
There's a box of cords on my bathroom floor Soon I'm gonna sell them, I don't need them anymore You can have your fill but you never will 'Less the moment comes when you can shoot to kill In you I see the greater good to keep me open wide And in you I see me beckoning for you to come inside And I like you, I like you, I like you best When you're in jet black And I wish you, I wish you, I wish you'd just Pretend to like me back Must have missed the point when you didn't join 'Cause the victory is hollow when you flip a coin And I've got you to thank, now I'm pulling rank Covering up my past and hiding in a tank And in you I am so dangerous, but only to myself And in you I recognize the world you gave to someone else In you I see the enemy that I can't bear to fight And in you I will invest my thoughts until I get it right
Sorry that I've been a big distraction I don't want to waste any more of your time I just thought you could break down this attraction You were the one who always knew better All of your plans melted into mine Then my spirit sank in the form of ten thousand letters But Stockholm Syndrome saved my life I'm staying in tonight Cry me a moat for my golden palace Fill up the bridge with a couple guards Close your eyes and imagine we're back in Dallas Everyone else had the wrong reaction It's all reversed so don't be alarmed Yes, I'm the one who's been chloroformed and strapped in
Your tumbling bloomers turn me out on a cellular Sunday But bottom dwellers, stellar fellas often show off their gun-play The nerve and misdemeanors Take you straight through the cleaners You come out on the other side with a golden retriever I got a lot, a lot, a lot of love built up in my closet You can have it if you want to, but it you don't then I'll toss it Cut to the money making player playing, play on my brother Those Okanowee folks won't bestow me my druthers But hey, look, you've got a song What will you do about it? Hey, look, you've got a song I'm going to Disneyland Caffeinated ballroom dancing takes me halfway to hollow You shell out lessons like they're nickels And you're Captain Apollo And you fall around the mush building up in your bowl Comparing notes with salty blokes by the watering hole But put together we're a puzzle with a few missing pieces The melancholy good from Bollywood is rife with diseases So pull your dank, blank resin out the nuclear windfall And when you find me in the basement I'll be shooting your pinball
One day I realized that I'd been spending too much time with me Frozen inside a box cast off into an electric sea The eyes in the evening are nervous but fleeting She fell into my world just like a manufactured Chinese bomb She knew the way to lift me up and keep me safe from harm And oh, how the heat rose the moment our eyes closed And the more you know as the seasons fall You'll be black and blue but no worse for the wear And the more you know as the seasons fall All the colors show you the more you know Now I can be anything unless it's something I don't want to be Sometimes I flail around but do it so dynamically The moments are static but the future's erratic And the more you know as the seasons fall You'll be smiling like a damaged doll And the more you look at the world beyond You'll ask yourself, "Doesn't she look angelic tonight?"
Sugar don't care about the way I dress She's speechless through a speech impediment, oh yes You know it's time for you and I to recognize our faults And take them far and away, throw 'em back in the vault Throw 'em back in the vault 'Cause I'm awesome and I'm modest And I'm awesomely modest Pardon me to please all the pleasing that makes me happy I often stumble upon my words like bread crumbs in an alley The only definite way to a man's heart Is gnawing through his chest And mine is beating better than all the rest Than all the rest, than all they have to give to death Most people spend their days watching moments fly by But then they get all distracted when their moment arrives
The clouds opened up, the sun started pouring in And I was content to lie, sparkles and church wine by my side If ever there was a better sight I couldn't tell you where And that's when the dawn patrol came sweeping through the air I am so not going to forget this A wake up was offered loudly from every direction Like an untimely beast, just addicted to perfection If ever there was something more discomforting I wouldn't even care Since the time the dawn patrol came sweeping through the air
Knock It Off 03:50
You feed me lies like they're butterscotch and apple wine This planet is food and I've a politician's appetite You know I'm not the kind of man Who likes to come up with a plan Won't even look at my cards until I'm playing my hand I'm calm and controlled but I won't stand still You're not really rolling if you're rolling uphill This thought is better than what you can achieve The moment's better than you'd want to believe But if you're reluctant and you snarl and you scoff Then knock it off, I'm warning You've got the power But you're busy counting down all the hours Learn what happens when the naysayers become allowers I wash my mind, scrub it down and wring it out in the sink Because this night is for dancing and there's no time to think You kick and you whine as if you don't deserve time But kick off your sandals and your life will be fine I don't want to live forever, but at least for a while I don't want to write a letter to the miracle mile I'm not trying to come down on you or harsh on your buzz I'm only doing it for us, I'm only doing it because
Pryde 03:04
How dare you step on my toes while I stomp the yard? I may be feeble but not overzealous If what I've read is correct then it shouldn't be hard To spend the rest of my life being jealous You know that I was a middle-of-the-road boy And I could be that again in an instant I'm not too fond of the logic that you employ I guess I could be if I hadn't missed it Summer rain drips down my window pane And I don't understand why, 'cause it's fall Maybe if I could rest assured about my time to die I'd fly into the sun and have it all I'd fly around the sun and have it all I quickly turned my head to the left and was Rewarded with your lingering essence But I would freight it all back your way because Of what it's done to my hard-rocking presence I'm not afraid of being amplified As long as it doesn't cause no harm to my name The caveat I find is nestled in between your thighs So I'm certain you're the one I have to blame I'm sure that you're the only one to blame If pride is sinful then I'll meet you in hell
Grandparents 03:13
Well I was lost but now I'm not But now I'm lost in my own thought I was just a child mind now playing on the back nine Scarier to think that I might never be lured to you forever So now I stand, my heart it sings About all of the stupid things I used to take on and had to learn to stray from Finally I realized that seeing is not always believing And I was dropped to my lower limbs And giving time to collect my sins And all those grandparents staring from heaven Made me feel like hell I suppose I didn't do so well And all my friends are gathered here To shed their lights upon my fear When we all get desperate existing in the present There's nothing else that anyone can do but save up for a clue
We can put plastic bags on our feet And pretend that we're stuck in the ground And we can patrol the Mills parking lot Making incredibly inaccurate animal sounds We'll fly around in an airplane made of cushioned seats, oh yeah We'll squirt each other with condiments and it'll be so rad We can find a cave in the middle of the woods And we can play a game of house for a while And we can gather up crackers And try feed them to a crocodile We'll tie ourselves up with masking tape And try to climb trees, oh yeah We'll watch a bunch of John Carpenter films and it'll be so rad We can go hunting for fireflies in the yard Even though they don't breed out here And we can go driving around all over the world Just to pick up all the souvenirs We'll sneak ourselves into NASA and shoot into space, oh yeah We'll try on edible underwear and it'll taste so bad
Meat 03:40
Strip it up, boil it down to meat Stir it around, throw it out in the street Keep it warm, hold it up to see Bottle it up, whore it out to me I love guilt but even more I'm only built to keep it motorized Good with luck, only one defeat Fly it around, make it all complete Dreaming of sounds, always sounding sweet Get back up on your holy seat I love guilt now even more I'm always built to keep it memorized I'm like bubbles bursting sore And you've been snubbed a hundred million times So strip it up, boil it down to meat Stir it around, throw it out in the street Follow it out, who knows what you'll see? Rattle your box 'til you're all but free
I took a picture and it turned into a photograph I made a poster and I showed it to a diplomat It is something beautiful and it is oh so magical I climbed a mountain and I climbed back down it in reverse I poured elixirs and they sank around whatever's worse It was something beautiful and definitely magical The thing is this No matter what I've done, my eyes drown slowly now And I can't help but feel italic proud With all my enemies in parentheses I met the natives and I bought them each a pair of socks I took their messages and stuffed them in the ballot box It was something beautiful and they were so emotional I broke the gauges on the missile taking off through space And single-handedly I saved the entire human race It was awfully beautiful and I guess it was meaningful The thing is this No matter what I've done, my eyes drown slowly now And it's so hard to feel italic proud While all my enemies in parentheses I sat around and wondered why you weren't here with me I felt dejected and the whole thing was a tragedy Yes it was something terrible and it was oh so horrible But still it sits No matter what I've done, my eyes drown slowly now And this is why I'm always missing out With all my enemies in parentheses
Your eyes are alert, darting leftward with fear Can't help but feel hurt when you're like this I'm here for something But for what it's worth, lack something more I can't guarantee that I'll decide to stick with this new me And if come tomorrow I fall out of bed and lose you on the way For all practical purposes, I guess that's okay I'm not what you think but it's too late to mind And you'd make a stink if I tried to rewind Our motion picture's giving me motion sickness I'm buried in the rough But maybe that's because I've done enough And if come the new year I'm trapped in a box or stuck beneath a well For all practical purposes, I know you won't tell I know that I'm destined to blow it at first But I can't mess up if I go unrehearsed And if come my last day I'm still waiting on the feel of some new wife And if come the future When I'm dead and gone and free from all your strife For all practical purposes, I've led a good life


released November 17, 2009


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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