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Straight To Audio

by Scott Gesser

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It's nice to see you Nice to see you in this sneak preview I don't believe truth but I might bleed blue Now their phat tricks loving scare tactics On the chair that sits double dare practice All of this life is nothing like the world you've seen before Open casket, harder than last fits I can blast it but I'll get my ass kicked Launch this A-bomb higher with napalm Tricks and lame psalms taking away from All of this crap that's in my lap is getting hard to store
Gee-Tar Show 02:18
Ten thousand million cups of coffee And now my vision is just right Ten hours of pacing in the sandbox With my head filled with dynamite I left my family in an airport And said, "I really hate goodbyes" I had two bags of perspiration A test to see how each one flies You are the mountains just waiting for a tragedy to floor you But it's just a fleeting feeling that you might come to ignore You love the violence of several hundred people to adore you But it's just a guitar show and you will see it's nothing more Another bag of dainty objects Won't hesitate to test my strength A trip to Reno is in order But I can't justify the length A groping mind, a stretching body A couple pounds of something wrong I know it's not about the money But money helps me get along I like the thought of open endings Whichever way that wind may blow A lot of things ring in my head but it's all deadly And I'm never gonna have another feeling like the feeling Of a crowd of thirty-seven at a not-so-sold-out guitar show You'll always see it's nothing more
We've got the power but we don't know where to put it So we'll put it in our banks We'll watch our company and keep it under lock and key Until the day it finally takes Check out these gold-plated debit cards I found If I had any interest, I would take them underground Look at this checkbook made of Venezuelan down Oh I love it, but sometimes it gets redundant Sometimes it gets To where we've got the power and we've found a place to hide it But we don't know what to call it We're playing freeze tag with the time that we've been saving With the savings in our wallet Check out this coin that was minted in Sudan I've got a hundred thousand of them rusting in a can But I can pull them out to prove that I'm the man How I love it, but sometimes it gets redundant Sometimes it gets Maybe I should just sell everything Start a brand new life beneath a Polynesian spring Comb all of my earnings back to earth How much is it worth to measure how much I am worth? Behold the wonder of my soaring Eurostocks I'd double everything if I could just set back the clocks Too bad I have to keep my fortune in a box And I love it, but sometimes it gets redundant
Drawerings 03:17
Time out, this is not what I had envisioned Your glance just confirmed all of my suspicions I'm in denial but I'll slip into bargaining And after the fact, I'll be sorry I heard you singing I'm lying here alone and bored I'm trying not to be ignored Throw up your hands in disgust I'll clean the filth off if I must When I'm drawing figures in the forest Hate the sketch but not the artist March came and I felt like a loaded cannon Packed tight with a spoonful of melted granite This is the part where the swan song fell out of tune And I couldn't believe that the top forty wanted you And I'd like to think you'd want me back I doubt you'd be okay with that
How many times do I have to tell you to stop this? Can we be civil and just drop this? I'm not trying to be pompous But there's an eager beat that stomps Come claim me at the lost and found For I know now, now, now, now You paralyze my atmosphere I tried to claim my territory But I know how, how, how, how Your dream is something to be feared, oh feared I wish that I could be made of slate or marble Because everything is garbled And the sound of it is horrible But I pray to just get along
When I was a baby, my mama she grabbed my hand She said, "You better count your blessings If you live to be a man" My daddy bit the big one when I was just turning ten And I think he'd be proud of me but I still wonder now and then It's a funny way to grow up, when your shadow's filled with doubt I bet it would've been easier if by then I'd found out that I was Made from the best stuff on earth But I can't help but confess If I was asked, it would have been my second guess Now I'm slightly older depending on who you ask Sometimes I am unpredictable, or I'll hide behind my mask Look around at everybody and I start to make assumptions Like a herd of cattle going through all of our functions We don't know just what to live for But we know we don't wanna die When I look at you and me, darling, I kind of understand why Because you're made from the best stuff on earth Yeah, we're all made from the best stuff on earth
You Don't 03:06
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye You say that you've lost both of yours but somehow you still cry It's hard to drum up sympathy for someone you can't stand I'd play that tune as soon as you would offer me your hand But you don't The ironies so full of cheese for your incessant whine You tried so hard to cut ahead and now you're out of line You rode up on your high horse but were unprepared to stop And I still think it's funny that no one came out on top You don't need me to tell you I don't care about how you don't care Now I'm young and happy and I've got nothing to prove You're just now realizing what it's like to want to move I'm sorry that you fell down and you sort of scratched your knee I've said my peace so get you goddamn finger off of me You don't need me to sing aloud About my cares that are not there
I am a follower of the paranormal consequences radio station That spreads into their minds like a hooky line And turns them to black but with stop animation Going forward, please stop looking at me that way You get me speechless but I know exactly what I ought to say I'm sorry, we don't have my dignity on the menu this evening So I'll have to ask you to leave I'm the luckiest boy in the world Turn around and save yourself some steps in my direction With arms wide closed, please check the hours I used to look at myself as having an affliction But it was affection and it was building up its own towers Like the ones of Babel but with one B more And I feel like a loser, but I'm not sore Come tomorrow there'll be no tomorrow And the day after that I'll put my game face on And head out to the floor I wish you were the luckiest girl Next time, there won't be a next time
Decked Out 03:16
I am a determined hand clapper I am a cactus shaped lamp I am a trusty bug zapper I am the middle class heavyweight champ I am an extra in A Christmas Carol I am the ghost that nobody sees I am the very, very bottom of the barrel I am your most easily curable disease I am decked out I am Dennis Hopper on acid I am the corner that your broom can't quite reach I am a family vacation to Lake Placid I am the urge to practice what you don't preach I am an after-hours barbeque I am a two-door sedan I am an otherwise unknown part of you I am very disappointed, young man I am not afraid of anything, except whatever I'm afraid of I am not assured of anyone coming out to help me To find out what I am made of I am not as bad as I used to be I am showing moderate improvement 'Cause I am starting a motherfucking movement I am an unauthorized vision I am the credits that start running long I am the director's edition I am fed up with singing this song
Here we are in our split-level home With rosewood and thread counts and polished chrome And it's something new, a life to be enjoyed Well I don't mean to complain But the past is reviving inside of my brain And the voices seem to be a bit annoyed And I'm running as fast as I can And I'm trying to start up the minivan And the cancer in my phone And fax and pager won't leave me alone Coffee grinds mixed with hope springs eternal Trashing back issues of Wall Street Journal And the universal clicker's making sparks Animated power tools and the rafts from the above-ground pool Are threatening to leave their gruesome marks And the velveteen comforter rips And the safe guard panel frantically blips And the mailbox shows its doubts By flying at the cookie cutter house And the cable modem wants to catch my tongue And the sprinkler system tries to fill my lungs All the tenants are the same So maybe I'm not the only one to blame And so I'm packing up my superior veneer And I'll fly first class to anywhere but here And amid all the progress There's a lesson to be learned in here I guess
Someone once told me there were plenty of fish in the sea Desperately searching underwater for a creature like me My eyes are glazed over as I travel below to the depths Hopefully finding a fish that I'll never forget Feeling up the sides of the water Trying my hardest not to blink Finding a mermaid under the water Is so much harder than you'd think I've got all my gear as I'm floating below the surface I can't see a thing and it's making me fucking nervous My body's lying limp in a state of regret Trying to find a fish that I'll never forget Losing balance, it's time to go up again There's doubt in my mind about everyone I've ever met Upon my arrival I want to throw up again I'll still keep looking for that fish that I'll never forget
I'm not ashamed of this life I've made for us I think it's just our style And everyone will see us in the daylight They'll see your crooked smile See, you don't know that I will never admit defeat Even though you treat me like a piece of meat I watch the parade of the lives we both made up Can't even look away And every time I think I've stumbled out I'm pulled back into the fray And I wish I could stop feeling like myself I've got a middle finger for you up upon my shelf I wanted to get you higher in the spirit of getting there But in your eyes, I'm rarely more than rare


released April 17, 2007


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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