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by Scott Gesser

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I don't know where you are but I'm on my way there now Then I can tell you everything I should have said I can't afford a car but I'll drive myself somehow The distance adds up slowly, hanging over my head We once were everything, you should have seen us Then fate took hold and sent me on my way Now there are infinite miles in between us But I'll be coming back to you someday I see you everywhere but I'm missing you a lot The maps I've held are taking to falling apart I'm waiting for your call on the phone I haven't got But it's all worth it for another shot at another start Back to all the trouble I caused Back to all missed chances and broken laws Maybe there isn't a place or time But it's a state too late to change my mind
Carbon 60 03:14
All around you, nature prowls Fighting nurture's endless growls Internally, you decay just a little bit each day But you can't turn around, no you can't turn around No you won't Carbon sixty, human zero Time to realize you're no hero Start the stopwatch just to ponder Every minute is a minute squandered No you won't believe the graying hairlines And burning books and bankrupt airlines You know you can't be too intense Prepare to stop the elements Goodbye sunbeam, goodbye world All your fears have been unfurled Counting atoms, isotopes Sure to linger through your hopes No you won't believe the dwindling hours The darkened suits in ivory towers You know you can't be too intense Prepare to stop the elements now
I moved into a brand new condo in the sticks And for the most part I'm enjoying my new digs A heated pool, an laundry room and competitive rates to match I figured there just has to be a catch Not one week later, walking through the parking lot I finally noticed that there was a caveat I saw my neighbor from a couple buildings down Since then that crazy blonde's been chasing me all over town Now I'm stuck in a crisis and I don't know what it's about And I'm sensing the madness and I've kind of been freaking out And I'm feeling so sick inside and I'm wanting to heave 'Cause Anne Heche is at the door and she won't leave Come on I tried to trick her away by turning off the lights She just kept babbling about Six Days, Seven Nights She regales me with tales about Ellen And now I'm so distraught I don't care if she's a lesbian or not I've installed four new padlocks And I've screened my incoming calls And I'm hoping I can't catch insanity through the walls And I can't help but wonder what she's got up her sleeve 'Cause Anne Heche is at the door and she won't leave Let's go Holing up in the basement and I feel like an idiot 'Cause she's trying to get me to join her on the mothership And I'm so overwhelmed no and I need some room to breathe 'Cause Anne Heche is at the door and she won't leave Oh, everyday is a nightmare, every night my confusion grows 'Cause she reenacts moments from Psycho and Augie Rose And I'm tempted to tie her up and ship her to Tel Aviv 'Cause Anne Heche is at the door and she won't leave
Climbing down from my tree when the leader tells me to I daydream of the Caspian Sea and scrape around the barrel Why can't I dial nine to escape from the task That's been engraved deep in my mind Where I'll get out of this monkey beer run All this time that I take going backwards and forwards This is not my idea of fun And I'm starting to notice it's all smoke and mirrors Don't wait up for me 'cause I'm done Finished up with this monkey beer run Look around at the insect moving shelter to shelter As they scream, "God save the queen" and sort out her apparel I punctuate that last remark with an exclamation point Aimed right at my heart, but I'm too smart To get out of this monkey beer run I'm not afraid of opening up to new things But what new things are opened up Among the tired and the lonely to remind us that There's something other than what we've been given That we're privy to attempt? I've thought about it before But why consider donning all the eloquent experience Like a badge upon my sleeve in all the mediocre attempts To be different on a level that nobody has considered When to get there I must give up everything that I swore? Bid goodnight to this monkey beer run All this time that I take going backwards and forwards This is not my idea of fun And I'm starting to notice it's all smoke and mirrors I'm constantly jumping the gun
Velvet Crush 03:01
She needs no introduction She'll be waiting out by the civic center And all the girls, they'll try to put her to a stop But she'll clear out in a dust cloud shaped just like her And she loves the rush, sips on her velvet crush Thinking of the past loves in the Carolina sunshine She keep tabs on all her boyfriends One by one by her bedside they form a line And as the following morning sneaks in She'll ask the flavor of yesterday to resign She thanks you very much for being her velvet crush Freedom comes too fast, love in the Carolina sunshine And all the leaves change colors And days fade into others And I just hope she knows that nothing is her fault Nothing's been her fault She is drunk and out of sorts now She can hardly even reach the telephone And as she wrestles with the demons that her story tells She'll tell me that she can't bear to spend the night alone And on her velvet crush I say I'll keep in touch Like a rifle blast in the Carolina sunshine
I don't think you understand Just how easy it is to be a one man band But why keep writing so many words When there's only handful that the audience heard? Put down your pencils and turn in your exams I'm playing music but I'm also playing all of my fans And when I'm on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine You can say I've got a familiar face But as for the talent, well it all went to waste 'Cause all I do is copy and paste There's nothing new and exciting And the melodies I crank out don't seem so inviting The measures are redundant and poor It's the same exact beat from 1974 The timing climbs up to a fevered pitch I'm legendary but I'm mostly just a son of a bitch And when you pay the cover to get into my sold-out shows You will marvel at my lack of taste All the genius before me has now been erased 'Cause all I do is copy and paste


released August 19, 2008


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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