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TIBU E​.​P. 2

by Scott Gesser

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I'm a used metaphor after there's a necessary fight And I grow tired and old faster than the People who make sense all the time You're speeding up to a hundred words per hour You can't be stopped as long as you go so fast But soon enough you'll upset the balance of power You've got your engine running but your car is out of gas I've been trapped in a hole Maybe you could come and get me out But you've been at it so long lately that you've Forgotten what you're going on and on and on about You're speeding up to a thousand words per hour You can't be stopped and I don't know how long you'll last But soon enough you'll be stuck in your ivory tower You've got your alternator but your car is out of gas Send down your report now, we'll handle your retort now You act like it's a sport but you kind of came up short now I hoped that we could weather and come back strong Together just isn't in the cards You're speeding up to a million words per hour You're spinning out and there's no doubt that you'll crash And soon enough you'll be needing a place to cower You've got your radiator but your car is out of gas You're speeding up, you're losing touch And soon enough your lifestyle will drive you sour And I would try to save you but my car is out of gas
AWOL 03:20
You're slinging around more bull Than could be found at a rodeo Each time I'm coerced and forced to look into The eye of your portfolio You can't handle holding a candle And the demand will get the best of you You're sizing me up, fear rising And I'm realizing you're one messed up dude Ungrateful, totally hateful Here, take a plate full of your just desserts No sir, you'd better cope or I hope you know you're gonna wind up hurt And every time you look around you You won't like the world you see If you think you've been missing something Maybe missing's what you ought to be You're throwing around a tantrum about How no one thinks you bring the hits I hate to be the bearer of bad news But nobody else is buying it You section your own rejection At the detection of the faintest laugh With every black and white memory You're doing plenty to cut yourself in half You battle onward and prattle Try to lay flat all of the time you've spent You're right, this isn't my fight But I thought I might just put in my two cents I think it's kind of funny that you've been so underhanded But the renegade within you isn't being reprimanded Maybe you should pack your suitcase but don't tell a single soul That way I can't try to stop you and there's nothing I control Don't you doubt a single minute that I'll take this lying down I'll illuminate the stockyards and the seediest of towns When I find you cowering silently you won't be but a ghost And you'll about face to haunt the ones You used to fear the most I'm sorry you're not sorry Enjoy your pity party And once your burned bridges fall Then you can go AWOL
Friday night with nothing to do I figure that I'd better call you We'll go out to a club or a bar And drink 'til we don't know who we are But while I'm chatting up a new fling I overhear your mobile phone ring And the sound permeating my ears Has conjured up the deepest of fears And I can't stand it, the song that's playing I think my ear drums are now decaying The noise is driving me up the walls I have to hear it every time that somebody calls Your ringtone is angry German music And now I'm afraid of it, now I'm afraid of it This is my plea One note repeating and zero lyrics I can't get away from it, can't get away from it Please let me be Now the party's getting in flux But I'm stuck with a headache deluxe The ringing racket, it never ends Who knew that you had so many friends? I duck and cover every time Your European drivel doth chime Embarrassed at the thought that I know Someone stuck in a decade ago I can't believe that you gave it face time The synthesized and redundant bass line And if this download you truly bought All I can think is du must really hast mich a lot You're coming off as weird and pathetic I can't get away from it, get me away from it Please let me be I know you've probably got a solid defense But there's a billion better ways to spend your ninety-nine cents We'll get through this together, you can still be my friend But I don't ever want to hear this Neo-Nazi Auschwitz garbage again
She could've probably been an airline jetter Walking proud on the concrete slabs She has the chops to be a record setter Smiling with the feeling of her forward jabs Whoa, kicking up her heels She always finds herself fulfilled and gripping Here mama raised her to take care of men She has a book filled with the paper clippings She says it's just a hobby for every now and then She thinks it's funny every time that it comes to this She knows it comes with the territory of being who she is And now she finds herself among the big boys The ones who spell each other's name in mud With each contender she tries out her new toys So many strange basements filling up with blood She ran the gamut from the famous to the lonely Watch 'em winding up and down the roads The man who thinks that she's his one and only He'll stay in love until the moment his car explodes She laughs and says that she'd make an awful wife She says that if he wants to take her hand Well she's only gonna take his life
Did I ever tell you about the time I contracted the sky? And while the planet stands still There's the sun that's sliding by I was born at genius levels so they dropped me in a hole But to get to center stage You know sometimes you have to pay the toll The middle of the candy bar you're eating is made of dreams And when you dream of the dead You'll be the medium for all their screams It's no laughing matter when your limbs all disappear But if you wish a little harder then they'll all show up back here Right back here It seems so impossible, but really it's possible I don't make the rules up, I just preach the gospel You don't have to believe me, just accept that it's plausible And when you hear the commands I know that you'll understand If we all had wheels it would be easier to get around We could sneak deep into caverns And then sell off all the junk we found It can get crazy when the world hangs over your head But you should try telling that To the monsters living under your bed There's no sight on this earth that's a sadder sight to view Then when your imaginary friend don't wanna play with you Well you can grease all the polls but you can't rig your election You can channel your energy but you won't get good reception You can dive into the abyss but you'll only hit rock bottom You can apprehend the devil But no one will know you caught him I hope that you'll take these words with a grain of salt 'Cause otherwise they'll taste a little funny And that's not my fault
G String 04:25
You always looked tired but mostly when you woke up Your wit was astounding, it pounded into my guts And we used to stare out your back window And pretend we could see a future that didn't exist Between you and me 'Cause we couldn't agree on how it should be You're hanging by the pool, looking so cool Sitting in the summer sun We were all smiling, we were all happy for once And when they called you down to the podium You didn't have anything to say to them And you got a headache and bent down to pick up your drink And I saw your g-string but I didn't say anything The chill in your basement gave me goosebumps But I tried to be calm and asked you how bad it felt Being out at the prom Like dismantling a bomb just to live with your mom What makes you think you're the queen of the world? Did you hear it from the boys and the girls Laid at your feet each week to tell you everything? They seem to know everything Like they know how you're their queen


released September 16, 2008


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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