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TIBU E​.​P. 3

by Scott Gesser

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I don't mind feeling like a sinner And I don't mind eating all this crow for dinner And I don't mind when I see the final glimmer Of my hope begin to shimmer as it's given to the winner And I don't mind when I know I'm being followed And I don't mind if it makes me feel hollow And I don't mind when I'm forced to go and swallow All my pride, prepared to wallow on the stage at the Apollo And I'll always keep 'em guessin', always keep 'em guessin' Knock 'em around the corner until they've learned their lesson And I'll always keep 'em guessin' I don't mind flying on a wire And I don't mind if I keep on flying higher And I don't mind when my body starts to tire And I shiver and perspire 'cause I know that I'm a liar And I don't mind being overweight and feeble And I don't mind when I'm burying the needle And I don't mind when I'm looked upon as evil When I'm climbing up the steeple stepping on the little people And I'll always keep 'em guessin', always keep 'em guessin' Spent my time erasing and this is my confession And I'll always keep 'em guessin' I don't mind looming around the forest And I don't mind that I'm so far from the chorus And I don't mind all the sights that might just floor us While we're hunting stegosaurus And the screaming fans adore us And I don't mind your sudden blank intrusion And I don't mind this feeling that I'm losing And I really don't mind the inevitable fusion Of our bodies in conclusion to the loud obnoxious music And I'll always keep 'em guessin', always keep 'em guessin' I'm a backward little bastard that you don't want to mess with And I'll always keep 'em guessin' Send the many, send the few Send the ransom and these dreams will be returned to you Send these diagrams that mark the way back home One day you'll see it, one day you'll see it
Hot fussing and fighting fire with an eye for an eye Leaves two men blind as a batter up Must then come down on the fly, on the fly Everyday people in a glass home is where the heart Is it so much to ask me no more questions Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself? The clichés of the world roll on and on They'll keep rolling around when we're dead and gone And the one that I need I can't seem to find The syllables are a mess and there isn't a rhyme Holy cow jumped over the man in the bad moon rising sign Language barrier reef where papa was a rolling stone That gathers no moss, that gathers no moss Laying my cards on the table for two and two together Equals four score and twenty years of my life away I want them back, I want them back If purple is the impression I've made Then color me unimpressed How I could fill in the beats that I've lain is anybody's guess And we're so alone together But that doesn't seem to make it better If purple could bring something maybe I'd think something Palpable to keep me warm at night
She caught my eyes, she took my hand She rocked my world, she joined my band She calmed my fears, she dried my tears She pimped my ride, she verbed my noun She sang my song, she liked my laugh She kissed my lips, she ran my bath She lit my flame, she screamed my name She friend my brain, she verbed my noun She made my day, she stole my heart She fed my fish, she washed my car She wore my shirt, she kept my clothes She broke my lamp, she flagged my post She screened my calls, she read my mail She sold my soul, she told my tale She killed my joy, she kicked my ass She ruined my life, she verbed my noun
I'm really starting to relish the idea of having you around You crepe right into my life but you donut make a sound And now I'm in a pickle and I might never ketchup 'Cause you're like the Jello shot made for my Dixie cup I couldn't be feeling any batter if I tried You lemonade me and there's no baggage on the side You're not vanilla but you're semi-sweet instead Bring home the bacon and you're spending all my bread It doesn't matter which brand X I try 'Cause I've had my whiskey and I've had my rye When it comes to us, it's all a matter of crust You've got extra sauce and now I fall to pizzas Sometimes you're cheesy and you say I'm such a ham But I'm magically delicious and I'd like to cram that graham You're such a fine champagne and it's time to pop the cork I'm tired of spooning so let's hurry up and fork Yeah, you're a filet mignon to my prime rib Don't want to eat too much tuna, I'll get seasick
Shenanigans 03:33
What's in a plan? (Shenanigans) When all of a sudden I feel like I'm drowning in water I can't help but stand (shenanigans) The surface's deepest affliction to fall But you carry me back each time I'm beginning to owe you a thousand lies (all lies) Slowly counting the waves but I'm not a contender I'm stuck in the bed that I've made What's in a face? (Shenanigans) The one that keeps hovering around in a path Been put in my place (shenanigans) I'm speechless and frightened and can't do the math But you carry me back each time I'm beginning to see why the west coast smiles (all lies) Slowly counting the waves but I'm not a contender I'm stuck in the bed that I've made What if the life I've led didn't feel so long tonight? What if the words I'd said didn't feel so wrong tonight? It's not even time for bed so I'll sing a song tonight What in the world (shenanigans) Is holding me back when I try to behave? I've been around the world (shenanigans) Either that or I'm rotating deep in my grave But you carry me back each time I'm beginning to owe you a million trials (all lies) Slowly counting the days until I'm a contender But stuck in the bed that I've made
Hey Earring! 07:37
Well there's a smile brewing on your face In just a matter of time To counterweight all the complaints permeating our lives And it's a wonder that anybody could keep it straight All the while And the gift that you've given to everyone Was returned in your child You see the streets that you face each morning Are the same as ours Everybody's just trying to drive to the top in their cars And somebody will run you down every now and then But we're all right here to help you get back up again Because those aren't as lonely when you're walking along You know everybody finds some hope in a song And the limits you destroy every day haven't gone unseen And sometimes when life seems like it's going too fast And there's not enough time to make those memories last You can put it all down and pull it back later on your screen And when the kids have gone home for the day And you're by yourself Well there's a million of us waiting around To be your someone else And when your golden years are the only ones To look forward to And it's harder for the seventies to recognize you You know your clock won't strike on the darkest day And the historical figures have paved their way For the sudden culmination of a wide exaggeration Of the notion you'd be coming around one day to save us And the darkest nights will be brighter than a northern star And the world will fall right to its knees knowing who you are They'll know who you are You always catch us when we're dancing right behind your feet Come bearing jewels and witness, make us feel so sweet And the magic calling from your words We know what you meant And all your calls out to us are positively chilling We could shout "Hey, earring" from the tallest building And we could go forever but it wouldn't even make a dent You know you strike no fear in us but only warmth And every moment holding onto you we're just reborn In a land of fallen grace You've found a way to bring back the heart And on the Tao of conversation we can hear you talking One who sparks imagination even while speed walking When the bull comes calling they'll know How you've done your part And it's the last train back to far away you're getting on But all the while for your travels We'll always float around your song And I just want you to understand that we're all proud of you We're all so proud of you


released October 21, 2008


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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