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TIBU E​.​P. 4

by Scott Gesser

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Meet me at The Keg in Pennsylvania We’ll dial it up a notch or two The time, it flies so fast it feels like crawling to the past But I’ll take any crawling time that I can get with you It seems like fate, all the memories we relay Meet me at The Keg in Pennsylvania The night of Christmas, it’s the only place to go Santa might drop by but we’ll ignore him if he tries Our waxing diplomatic, shutting out the ho-ho-ho It’s always raining, why is it always raining? I should’ve put the bottle down I should’ve learned how to say no Meet me at The Keg in Pennsylvania The lines form longer by the day The freezing liquor burns as every incident returns When I had conjured up the exact wrong things to say They won’t ever go away
I have an idea It’s a certainty of excellence that’s dwelling in me Let’s shake the shackles of reality ‘Cause it’s been far too long That the same mealtime parameters have been going on And it’s time that they get gone I don’t care what people say, we can do it a better way Answer your own call no matter of the time of day Dessert is for breakfast starting now It doesn’t matter what the suits will allow I don’t need their input anyhow Together we can break the mold It doesn’t matter if it’s piping hot or freezing cold It’s time for us to get bold Don’t be afraid of how fast we’re speeding forward On the tracks that we’ve laid You’re basically a fucking renegade And everybody will see What a charming superhero you have turned out to be Take my hand and fly with me
The picturesque alarms of autumn The rain that spilled from nowhere fast A litany of love awaits you But somehow never built to last Now through the window of the shop you spot A couple fawning one another For the flowers they just bought Love that for him, love that for her Love that for them As autumn plummets into winter The fireside, a heaven’s gate, just you wait The crowd that gathers all around you Indelible freckles on your fate They’re pairing off and finding comfort one by one And you stifle all the hurt, the polar opposite of fun One of these days the truth is bound to run to you One of these days You’ll thrive on all the purpose you’ve got One of these days the world will open up to you One of these days, or not So many people find the one that they call home While you’re riding out the agony Of evenings spent alone
Come on, get up, get up and face the day And learn how tired you will be Wind the alarm that screams into the void And kills your darling reverie Stare at the screen that houses the opinions Of your family and friends Put down your feet, put down your feet And trudge into the cycle once again When you sigh to yourself in a sliver of light Another mechanism can’t fool you, right? You retain rough days but forget the fun ones That’s how you make unintentional onions A shadow looms, it’s someone you’re familiar with But wouldn’t prefer to know The questions fall, requests drop, one and all And so you must put on your show You smile and nod, you smile so wide It almost seems as if you’re in a farce Rinse and repeat, until the sun removes itself Think how lucky you are
I, would that I wake up in a factory gate I, I wanted to be sure I needed to hold off on those misery dates I would sit and crush them all The sky is rising I, you disappear and the horizon’s to blame I could never find you then I searched high and low but high had deescalated I, I became low again Maybe there should be a change The warming of the globe Maybe we could be the change I guess we’ll never know If nothing further in this fractured appearance I, I can no longer hear I am desecrated by your looming spirit I, I curse the atmosphere
One, two, six, pi, rhombus, milk Does anything have inherent value? Does anything I do have worth? Does the time I’m spending on this amount to anything? Is anyone even listening at all? I’ve got the sillies What if they figure out that I’m a fraud? They might realize I don’t know what I’m doing Could I potentially lose their respect? Could… could I potentially lose my income? Do you want to try again? Well, trying is so trying when you’re trying to live Do you think you need a friend? I’ve given more than I can give Sometimes I think there must be more to life than this But then I pivot to a wall-eye in a trench coat instead As backmasking advising to cut out the couch And have it developed repeats in my head Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself Maybe there’s a reason that I’ve taken so much time Maybe it doesn’t matter how anyone else feels Maybe being valuable to me is more than enough


released January 20, 2023


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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