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Yitz Bin

by Scott Gesser

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Wax Paper 03:16
When you were up frying something like Cracker Jacks All full of vigor to show me how you do it Is it the left handle that I run? Quality over quantity seems to be key around here And I’ve misplaced my copy Guess I’m headed for a bad burn Tell me something else I’m wrong about Line a shelf with all your growing doubts To keep the wax paper on Climbing the stairs, literally on my knees and hands Medicine I don’t need is running through me But I’m dizzy enough to smile Beams of light shooting from my eyes Lightning dodges, hey look, my hands are shaking And I’m not sure which way to turn Tell me something else you’re sore about Pardon me, because I’m headed out So leave the wax paper on and on I didn’t mean to let you down I didn’t mean anything at all It turns out after all these years I’m addicted to hanging around Next time you’re here I’ll be slightly paralyzed Waiting on someone ambiguous and faithful Who has me locked down in GPS Every day filled with acrobats All full vigor to show me how they do it And I’m all too eager to learn Tell me something else you’re cold about I’m not afraid because I’m holed up now I’ll leave the wax paper on and on
Shorting out on top of the busted bed that I made Blowing down these walls and tragic candles I laid All around your feet, trying not too hard to breathe But I’m catching on the sleeves Always on the sleeves, yeah Was it worth it to compare All your broken dreams to theirs? When you locked them in your head Did they feel like yours instead? This time I’m not amused We can only fall from here This was not the world you built This was built upon on your own fear And I don’t believe a word you say No I won’t believe a word Good guys always beat bad guys Good guys, they always beat bad guys So grand on the market, a sunrise open mic I could try the slightest bit harder If that’s what you would like I’m falling deep into your eyes again And I’d be right, except that’s a lie ‘Cause I can’t swim
Buy Bleach 03:38
Take a walk through the neighborhood People talk ‘cause it’s understood Folks are looting through every town Trying to hunt all the bargains down On every street, on every corner The people line up ready to place orders The daughters and sons, the fathers and mothers They nod in agreement as they say to each other Yeah, yeah, you better go buy bleach Every which way they’re telling me What I need for an emergency As for why, nobody explains I just thought that it was for stains The mob in the mist where everyone’s buying I’d say I don’t care, but you know I’d be lying The daughters and sons, the fathers and mothers They sold this store out, guess I’ll go to another Now I’m off to the hardware store Just to find what I’m searching for All the answers are out of reach I just know I’m supposed to buy bleach
Art Bomb 04:17
Just remember the satellite sticking out of the gutter Whatever you call out to, it calls back harder This is the way we are Don’t try to change a goddamn thing No no no, no Bid on your own trophy and you’ll lose out always The deeper you dive, the deeper everyone else strays But you can’t uncover it ‘cause we’re super secretive And we thrive in hiding spots that you’ll never find But if you have to go for it, then best of luck ‘Cause one day you’re gonna find out We’re building you an art bomb, yeah Baby, it’s an art bomb, yeah And you know it’s gonna be all right tonight You know it’s gonna be all right Not everything you do has to be a journey No matter what gems you find you’ll end on a gurney This is the way things are, and soon the world will see And you don’t believe in it, you don’t see the point of it And I was once like you, so young and naïve And the people stared at me like I was from Mars But soon I learned to believe We’re building us an art bomb No one knows just why you’re here But everyone wants to make it clear And you can’t uncover it ‘cause we’re super secretive And you can’t uncover it But if you’d like to, give it a shot You can’t uncover it
Plainclothes 01:57
Everything is going all right But in your mind, that’s just all right Gotta hold on tight to the changes Mistakes that you’re gonna be making Life’s yours for the taking Back off to the bitter end ‘Cause you might have missed out on your only friend Holy dividend on your weekend Stop in the shop to say Will these old routines pay? Everyone knows something no one else knows Don’t you think you ought to rather wanna be in Plainclothes Don’t you wanna be in plainclothes? Let’s just clarify for a sec Holy living heck, you’re a living wreck Let’s get that fixed now No, I don’t know how you can get around All the pills you choke down Business is booming Death is looming on your armchair So you’re gonna pretend he’s not there You’re a fixer-upper to the nth degree So won’t you sing it with me Lift your spirit up to the sky and let it fly Let the fur fly as soon as you stop asking Why life’s gotta be an uphill battle In a herd of cattle Going along with a Mastercard in hand Don’t you understand this could be a little bit grand In the grand scheme of your master plan Come on, man Don’t you think you ought to rather wanna be in Plainclothes La la la la, nice lady
Move along, I can’t help, it’s your problem, not mine Well, I could, but it might strike a blow to my pride As you dream of a future that you can’t afford Hitch a ride in a rental to a stolen award It goes on and off and on The wicks you light are burning out And so on and off and on I’m by your side to help you out Yesterday you said that you’d do well on TV But you need capital, that’s why you’re telling me And you’re green and you’re kind and you look like a star That’s between your explaining how modest you are You’ve been digging a hole all your life up to now And you’ll dig yourself out if you ever learn how But you won’t learn how
Lycra limitations brought down on my head For the damages left unspoken I will disguise myself in a veil of red Bred curt, all the seams are starting to hurt Aw, goddamn deadbolt And I can’t stand it, this endless silence Brought up on beer nuts and slathered violence I look away and my target’s sighted Open fire but please don’t feel slighted And the gun doth plan to radiate My intention springs to hate Exit wounds I’ve found are the worst to wake up to When looking to improvise Sometimes that’s all there’s left to do And when you’re trapped, you need to fill some gaps The trigger finger itches slightly I hear the sirens, they’re on the rooftop A showdown wasted, a bulletproof cop A lecture missed out and another held Let the mission just be dispelled All this is compulsion, none of it is emotion All this is pollution Give me a gun, I gotta get one now All this is abduction, none of it is corrosion All this is destruction Give me a gun, I gotta get one somehow
I’ve got a plan that’ll take us all up To a whole new level of pride and wealth But I gotta be crazy if I think for one second Of enacting the plan myself It’s gonna be high risk but it’s worth it in the end Just as long as we don’t get caught But we all know the downside so what we need to find Is somebody else who does not Once in a while there’s a fruit of the ages That we’re all gonna call And when the going gets tougher than tough We can swear it’s not our fault You gotta remember that it’s easier to surrender When you think that you’ve done something right We’re right in this instance but the ultimate difference Is that he believes his own hype I’ve got to announce the ins and the outs And say don’t you try this at home But it doesn’t matter when you hear the warning bell Because someone always goes it alone Hello, blithering idiot I’m not going to know you long so I’m leaving it at “hi” Hello, blithering idiot It’s not going to be too long until we bid you goodbye There’s so many times I wonder if it’s worth it To pull him into what we do But then I recall he thinks it’s one for all And he’d do the very same to you Yes he would, now
I held a bank up yesterday I don’t remember any of the tellers’ names I left with the skin of my teeth intact But when they threw the handcuffs on I knew that times had changed I look at the sky for the very first time And it feels like I’ve been sleepwalking And I cannot place exactly where I’ve been But finally I think I’ve woken From an eon spent in someone else’s skin I pulled a rabbit from my hat And for the life of me, I don’t know how I did that But everybody gathered to applaud I guess they all mistook me as an autocrat I dream of heaven every night And for the longest time, it didn’t seem right ‘Cause that future’s not yet in my sight I’m still down here on earth and have to live my life So I look at the sky for the very last time
Hats Off 02:31
Well, there’s so many plans that can easily go awry When you’re taking a bite out of the apple of your eye And it’s sweet as sugar with a bitter aftertaste But you gotta grab for what you can, don’t you let it go waste Hats off to the girls I’ve been romancing Crawling, kneeling for the chance to make another stay That’s how I get through my day Hats off to their mothers I’m romancing A hole that no one understands is what I fell into And that can’t be good for you You’ll be feeling woozy and more than a little numb Soon you’ll be bending over backwards for a crumb And it seems so clever when you’re up and down the line But if you want something more than that Well, your guess is good as mine Time out as you scream and shout ‘cause nobody can see How can you look good tonight when your arms are empty? And it sucks your soul into a blender spinning ‘round But just as soon as you let one go There’s another one to be found
Super Zero 03:45
He takes his cape off and sits down Beside the light of the greater man Walking the streets, he has no current Without flight to a foreign land And the super zero takes off far away If someone in his bloodened peril Cries for help, maybe he’ll appear But no damsel had been told to save herself Get away from here And the super zero stays out of the way Where no superhero flies, there the super zero walks Where no superhero lies, there the super zero talks Radiating toxic waste could never wait Filling up the room The super zero looks down at his empty plate Everyone is doomed And the super zero’s never meant to stay So the super zero takes off far away


released March 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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