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Good Everything

by Scott Gesser

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The year is 1993 Beyond every boulevard is opportunity You snap on your chromatic shirt And ignore the demon spells That do your dirty work Applying pressure to the coal Your bangs swaying like the hand Of the clock counting down to goal Could this one be another hit? The diamond that forms too perfect Try not to covet it Everybody loves you Everybody loves you when you’re winning And you’re winning Another night with your guitar The silence is deafening no matter where you are But as you float you’ll learn to swim The curtain flies up, up, up You run out and bow to them And if you dare to close your eyes The treasure trove might disappear Critiques of love turn to despise In only one short year
You’ve passed each and every test Your peers freeze in awe, so obsessed With every declaration you shout The radio signals returns The accolades that you might earn As soon as one last mole is dragged out You’re fraught with the proposals you claim And throw them one by one in the hole But sure enough, suspicion remains And pulls you opposite of the goal You fly off the handle again Your fingers take aim at your friends Your allies quickly start to run thin A secret that’s kept far too well Is like your own personal hell While standing off and aching to win You’ve done it to yourself this time And everybody else elects you To shoulder the guilt for every crime
We can’t go back now, we’re on the rail Stuck in transit, we’re set to fail Alone together beneath the stairs But you’re not crying, darling, and I’m not scared If they find us here alone And we tell them what they want to know Do you think they’d let us go? Or would it be another act in the same old shit show? Shake me down when I’m on the ground There’s no other souls left in this town But if you’re willing to help or to look after yourself When the world ends, you can’t ask for much else Beyond perdition, we seek the truth Inside the horror of our little booth The doors will snap down, the trees will fly But you hold tighter, darling, and so do I
Sometimes the words I hear Are not the ones that come out of your mouth, my dear Sometimes the words you say Dodge my receptors and just float away So give me a hint, just give me a hint Are you sharpening your pitchfork So prepared to hunt me down? Just give me a hint, just give me a hint Am I risking everything I own to follow you around? Climbing up the tower All while scared to brave the elements Of course the broken power surges Only your benevolence In keeping with tradition My mind fires a skyward flare of panicked jolts But all that comes back down is a plague of volts I’m not supposed to be up there But I can’t pick up the frequencies That you once repaired It’s not a total loss I’ll chalk it up to the wires that crossed So give me a hint, just give me a hint Are you sharpening your steely knives And nipping at my heels? Just give me a hint, just give me a hint Am I caught between implanted thoughts In search of something real? I don’t need you to show me how But I need you to show me how To learn how on my own
Mine 03:42
Things don’t go exactly as we planned Things don’t go exactly as we planned now The dream is melding with the hope in your hand But things don’t go exactly as we planned I can see them baring shiny teeth Waiting on lingering family now They’ve all gone silent, now it’s just you and me The orchids wilt, cicadas flood the trees I am mine, I am mine You are mine, you are mine I hope someday that you’ll understand
King Shit 03:19
What a good, what a good man What a good, strong man you are You could fly if you tried to Spread your wings and hit the stars Hear the people scream and beg When you knock them down a peg As they chant your honored name They won’t know that you’re to blame You’re the man behind the curtain You’re the man living in the house of glass When they finally pick their stones up Everybody gonna knock you on your ass What a pal, what a leader What a marvelous monument Who would know, looking at you That you’re only arrogant? Share a pittance with the poor Throw the rest back in your hoard Keep them coddled, draped in fear With no option but to cheer When it’s dark and you’re alone Pulling off your crown of bones Drift to sleep so effortless Then tomorrow, more success
Nissan Cube 02:54
This goes to hip foes who spit flows Preach each speech to pique freaks who sip those Reach lads from street fads to deadbeat dads Egad, elite pads of sweet plaids Cummerbunds undone for fun With the sun flung low on the chosen one When the men fend denizens begun Only ten sentences, then they’re done Come riding high, come drowning low No matter where we want to go Until we die, we’ll see it through Bat out of hell in a Nissan Cube I lack the sly tracks of wisecracks Try blackjack or pry at the backpack Dry-eyed, I gasp at the clasp that Flaps at straps and wraps ‘till the last gasp All annoyed, all unemployed Call the mall, android falls tall, destroyed And the ball that Freud had once deployed Had the gall to brawl with the awful void Third verse, it gets worse but yet works Let’s bet jerks to vet internet perks Get set to lecture the cold, wet earth Sold mirth to upset the net worth Lecherous, techs fetch the bus To stretch punks much less adventurous But the fuss of lust becomes unjust Plus the sex was a hex on mother-effing us
Have you ever felt stupid Like the whole world’s letting you down? Hard enough to pull through it Antagonism floating all around It’s somehow no one’s and everyone’s fault And the grindstone slows to a grinding halt If the battles you battle batter you Lost in the prattle, you matter Rattle your laugh to the rafters I’ll be there after I wanna love like it’s out of style Do you ever get desperate For an ally to hear your call? In defense of your being Hurling insults at a human wall Only feel normal when you’re uninspired And you’re feigning escape But you’re mostly just tired You could come hard with a counterpoint That maybe love’s already clinging Onto its dying breath But if we intervene along with each other We won’t destroy one another We won’t destroy one another yet
I found a way to take the cardinal Away from the crown Caches of data to extrapolate while hanging around He might strike through it like a minus sign And it hurts just enough To reinforce the behavior in me That crossed the original line If you could have seen my irises You wouldn’t be surprised at this They flashed with a violent glint Of fire engine red There’s nothing better than a megaphone Wrapped up in your hands Send out a signal across the neighborhood To meet your demands Don’t pay no mind to the nightmares No one knows your body better than you And I’ll get combative with the onslaught Of the poachers you scared I know that I don’t have to believe in you But I already do
Call me unfortunate That you would want to rest assured That all I could do is wait here forever Just bending time but I can’t delay Besides, now I’m hungry I could’ve tried to make things right Could’ve tried to turn the tide But time just was not on our side There’s nothing I can do To rid myself of pestilence that drains an open mind Just like it swallows back at home The weight of interference Though the bells are barely ringing Call me unlucky, it’s really not too far off the mark As I lay me down to sleep Your benevolence fights its way inside Stuck between the heart and the headache Seems like months since you’ve appeared An angel in a shining skirt with jarring mental anguish And left standing in a hole I breathe a sigh of wealth as I parade into the future
Chorus Lines 03:41
The city falls below freezing at night The neon hums and the clubs and the catfights You bundle up but your ears still burn With the lessons you will never learn Then through the door as you shake the cold off Back of your mind, hope the world gets told off But then your eyes settle on the view Of your family waiting there for you So understated, all this hatred When you turn to the one in your time Who feeds you out all the chorus lines You can masquerade that you’re feeling untied, oh And if you burn for the love of your life Your dopamine floods you by design So don’t you spend your days Searching for the downside, oh Amidst the chaos of floating headlines And every moment stability unwinds It’s like a mantra that fills your head With a yearning to be left for dead Malevolence, easier to take on When all your allies endorse you, stay strong You might not tear through the discontent At the very least you’ll make a dent


released September 17, 2021


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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