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by Scott Gesser

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Wave Hello 03:01
I know that some things lay beyond my control But you won't catch me sleeping when I'm on patrol I float past the creeplings that creep through their holes And I try not to see things that walk without souls I try not to see things that walk without souls I call this mine to right where I'm gonna be But all this time, you're right there in front of me I slip through the darkness just hoping to find A small bit of semblance to help me unwind A slice of existence to keep track of time While hoping that this is the last of its kind I'm hoping that this is the last of its kind
I got a feeling that you're more than you seem A cold hard creature stepping out of a dream I know the reason that you can't look back Over your shoulder all you see is black Always drifting, see what you're missing I ran faster than the people I'm with And I cleared hurdles like a capital kid And I did my best to leave it for everyone So I'm calling shotgun, I'm calling shotgun I told the devil to look after your son He did for a minute, then he turned to run He shook so violently that I had to stare Now I'm not sure that it's really you in there Falling over like a Casanova
Languishing 02:41
I am not afraid, I'm too into dark I wear a beret walking through the park She cannot contain me, I am understated Opened up and splayed, but I leave a mark When they call me over I'll look to the water I am languishing but I'm still content Everything's okay if not heaven sent She can't even fathom how I got this way Words are tricky things, that's not what I meant When they call me over I'll look to the water And hope that she's looking too Now we've come so far, but not far enough Pulled up in a car, took off in a truck She waves, mostly listless, I stare at the dashboard Reaching for the stars never felt so rough When they call me over I'll look to the water When they call me "soldier" I'll pray for my daughter I am languishing
Amber Alert 03:57
We live in a world full of truth that fails And that's why perception, she is everything And I waited by the stairs last night And I gripped my collar as if that would make the phone ring Oh, mother's a mess, can you really blame her? She looks mechanical with eyes due north And the swivel chair keeps turning for no reason It keeps on flying faster 'til it crashes to the floor This is a test, this is only a test You've passed with flying colors, now just pray for the best The neighbors shuffle but in all the wrong ways And fancy cars patrol the eastbound ten Until that shockwave comes shooting through my skull The moment that the cargo becomes human again
One Eye 03:43
I only got one eye I'll save it for the backline to be squared But I'm firing it at dust mites To give them back a fat find to be fair I crawl across a red room Where the other family fed you to be quick But now I only hunger for you And I never would implore you to be sick There's something about you that makes me lose my mind There's something about you, girl, that makes me wanna fly But I've only got one eye And you could call me half-blind to be grand And you wouldn't even be lying But you, don't you leave me behind where I stand Cut across the corner with me I hope you can forgive me for my sins 'Cause I could really give it effort And I'll maybe do it better if I grin But I'm still rockin' one eye And it made me want to rewind what I said Even though I've only one eye I've got twenty-twenty hindsight in my head
Straight through to the mothership, you clear your weary eyes Sweat beads while you flex and rip A long, tall land for foreign weights and You steer like a cattle car and flip back through your guide The steel portal, it opens up And you swerve to fit inside If nothing in you is all right then how could you get along? If nothing is truly insight then what if the world is wrong? Too late like a meteor shower That had hit too rushed, rocking out of your window Your fate, only holding the god A refractory mirror gazing into your sunlight Beams pour through half open vents and no one looks at you Tailored suits of platinum Watches display numbers beyond your thinking Coffee would be so nice right now but the limit is the roof Of some guard with a plastic card provoking for the truth
When I Was 03:47
Learn the story, raise some hell Fight the fractions in their arms Coldest glory, I could tell Smile for keepsakes that aren't ours That’s when I was nothing Bloom the seeds and grow so warm The pointless glimmering upsets We ride the dim waves as they form And stick the landing like a vet Gotta keep battling on You oughtta keep battling on But you're so tired Know there's things that you don't know Find a way to catalogue You're always reaping what you sow While all the empties find it odd
Soon 04:05
Here, here's all that's left of me The day that I inherit it won't be too far away And so I flock to the pile of golden paper A silly little anecdote and I begin to fray Oh, it seems like heaven is wrong Take, take everything you can I'm not entirely sure how it all wound up in this place You'll need a key and the lock is mostly rusted But how you'll understand it when the light shines on your face You will find me out of your window soon I see the things that nobody else sees I see the grass to grass try to stretch to the trees I see the flowers that shake off the bees And I see my hope as it falls to its knees
Ohmigod 04:16
I should have waited on my laurels I should have counted on my thumbs I should have guessed among the tested and fractured With the wrong that I have done I should lifted up your spirits I should have groomed all of my thoughts I should have broken down the most temperate barricades And shown you that I could walk We ran for eons but in silence So close but torn so far apart Could I have been better? Could I have been flawed? Could I have pulled it together? Oh, could I have been weathered with the nerve to applaud? Could I have written a letter and signed it, "Oh my god"? I should have crackled and smoldered I should have melted in the rain I should have fled the scene and lied about my aubergine And kept it within my brain I should have holed up in a factory I should have holed up in the ground I should have plucked the most extravagant of gems And placed it upon your crown We were the only good for the future The sun that pierced into my heart I should have taken all your treatments I should have learned to love my place I should have never tried to argue with the pain inside And watch as it burned away
Victory Lap 03:15
You've got the dream, better fix it all up You've got the gift, get the victory up I hope you live through the chemistry sighs as I, I, I You've got the hand of a Hollywood guard I've got the hand of a Hollywood god I hope you learn all the victory of the nine, nine, nine Sometimes it doesn't pay to play with rainbows But I find that fondness makes the heart grow It makes the heart grow absent Mace through the place, what a cannonball run You tear along with the salt of your son I cannot choose all the paths in reminding you, you, you Grab hold of me and I'll turn into dust Flick of the wrist, I'm the one you can't trust Victory cries through the chemistry spills as I, I, I Sometimes when you're staring through your window And I find that fondness makes the heart explode You book the room as a Vegas account You clear it all with an undisclosed amount I follow through when the bleeding gets done as I, I, I You've got the dream, better fix it all up
The last thing I did in 2010 Sat in my room and I wrote this song for you I was so afraid you weren't coming home Now it seems my nightmares are coming true You're seemingly vital to form a nuclear home You missed the recital and I chanced the thing alone I'm a gracious loser, what would you expect? When I hand the trophy off to someone else Salty water filled in thirty seconds flat I know you're watching but I don't know that it helps Cooling my jets now for every minute that we gave Believing that somehow, is that the way I should behave? Bereave? Clear the sun as you race like a cannonball I can always hear your charming chant in my eye So fit like a stranger to hit the wall But will I come back with a stronger appetite? I can look up as often as I want I can look down here as often as I need But as far as I know, you just float around And your presence in the air is choking me


released November 29, 2011


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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