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Now Hear This

by Scott Gesser

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I wish you weren't a liar with standards growing higher This dawn is acting natural with a flair for going home It seems to me forever is too long a time to weather And I'm running out of patience to appeal to the unknown Least on my own, the last thing you'll ever hear This Kodachrome, the flash blinds When you carry yourself upwards Now these thoughts hang down on wires The land I knew expires I'm waiting for the meaning to play catch up with my bones This dawn is young and faithful to appeal to the ungrateful And it's starting to look better to spend my hours alone Least on my own, the last thing you'll ever hear This monotone will slip deeper into the quiet, quiet These rights and wrong of sighs and songs Will blast you every day The red balloons and cheap cartoons Won't make them go away But if you can just lighten up and take a modest tone Then all you fear will end right here The negative forever overthrown Least on my own, the last thing you'll ever hear This megaphone will deliver unto everybody
Cut to out to make you bleed They're taking more than they could need A cheated death the last defense The mind, it breaks before it bends When the time comes to think, the choice is to make I'll be on break Trophy lives, they die of thirst For all the best to turn to worst And if this falls too short to fly It's still a better plan than I The thief has gathered 'round the back To slip into the hole of sedimentary rock That seems to be the case The tired children's eyes that bask around their heads Of lying, righteous thoughts that shine back on my faith
Uh-Oh 03:38
I dreamt of a ride on a roller coaster It made my insides mixed up, uh huh I fear that it might get to me when I'm older Another problem to fix up, uh huh I've got a glitch that I need to work on But then again so does everyone that I know So if I'll be the one that only I can depend on Then uh oh, oh no, uh oh, oh no, uh oh I broke down and bought an encyclopedia A simple entry to look up, uh huh I lack the experience that I need to Find something worthwhile to hook up, uh huh I shouldn't have put myself in park I should have just circled around the block And I'm the only one who can break my stride I shouldn't have tried 'cause then I'd have my pride I wept openly at a wedding party When they decided to make up, uh huh I wish that type of thing would happen to me But then I'd have to wake up, uh huh
I'd make you smile but it would Be a bitter feeling all the while Could have been a better trial With no hard feelings to put into my file Line up your criteria and one by one I'll knock them down But back up now 'Cause somebody's gonna get hurt The pressure is more than it's worth When you're digging around in the dirt I don't really care 'cause I won't be there To go to the ends of the earth I took a bullet for your chemistry and it only shattered me Ever since then, honestly I've been messing with it, testing one, two, three Line up all your demons and one by one I'll sort them out But back up now You could rent a double wide And I'd never get inside, but I'd never try
Our life is in the corner and I like kissing the corner Of your face, so much is moving on We'll stay until we're overdrawn, until we're rallied out Before the day is over, before the war is over Before my life is over, I'll be yours Bang, bang upon the chestnut door We'll hang around the kitchen floor How sweet to feel like Satan's spawn We'll stay until we're overdrawn, until we're turned away Skewered in the back of a caravan I don't know how it fits into their plan But if we're happy in the meantime We can flee to something far better to this Until I'm seasoned over all of the open flames I don't think that I'll ever be the same But if we're happy in the meantime Then just think of the great memories we'll miss God speed as I confront the masses' greed The rocks have charged the glass Hold me while they prepare the bomb We'll stay until we're overdrawn, until we're buried down
Put your hand on your mouth whenever you speak I will manage to find a method to peek You've got me interested in your personal business What's the use of it? My psyche won't resist all your personal business So you'd better quit Hold your ground, fight me off, and maybe I'll stop Turn the corner and even then I'll eavesdrop I'm asking you to give me your personal business You know I'll never budge and I'm not one to judge I only hope to see if anyone out there is talking about me Open wide, say your peace, but I might stare I'm just waiting to see if my name's in there I won't leave you alone, I'll make my presence known Look past the confidence and put away your intolerance
Zilch 03:18
Jump up, get down, drive fast, leave town Watch out, step back, ten hut, attack Quick change, no fear, join insincere I'm tired of regulating, I think I'll turn to hating I got nothing, I got nada, I got no one to turn to From the sweet insincerity of each pass in time I got zip, I got zero, I got zilch But I'm hoping that one day I'll be fine I don't know what I'm looking for I don't know if it exists anymore Leave your hands to the floor The great the body count, the greater the score Fly right, drive wrong, new day, new song Glass house, throw stone, go big, go home Run out of luck, guess what, we're fucked The silence is alarming, I think it's kind of charming I've got a bone to pick with those bone-pickers everywhere I've got a throne to sit but it feels like an easy chair
Saturday and all my friends are waiting for me to come out But I'm afraid that things won't be the same Yesterday was nothing but a living hell And I can't deal with twenty-four more hours filled with pain The ladder's calling me, the black cat's clawing me It's the day after, filled with remnants of disaster Saturday the fourteenth, I'll stay inside Saturday the fourteenth, I've got to hide Saturday, I'm curled up in the living room, I'm shaking Staring at the clock waiting for it to end Sitting still 'cause I can't touch a single thing Or else it might just break in half and I'll be screwed again I've tried knocking wood, it won't do any good It's the day after and my heart keeps beating faster Saturday and kids are playing, how can they? It's like a war zone, everything is rubble and debris I can deal with superstition, it's my life That's how I'll live it, dreading what bad luck will come to me
Homonym 03:48
This conversation's more than I can Bear left the cave behind I watch in horror as sharpen up your Clause that had to be signed First you say that I need to make a turn to the Left me with little hope Now you're telling me I've gotta veer to the Right at the end of my rope I can't think of a better way to say this to you There's nothing that could easily convey this to you Maybe what you said just isn't what I heard Or maybe you should stop mincing your words You used to always find yourself Wired electricity through my home But that all went down the Drain me of all the respect I own Your accusations are starting to become a Bore into my head You're taking off like a speeding Tire of everything I've said I've never been made of Steal my heart before you go I think we need to bring it back to Bass guitar on my stereo I know you think of us as being Cool night with a chill in the air But you can take your stone and your Stick it up your you-know-where
Big Cans 03:06
I'm making my way through all your tangled heartstrings The tracking collar stings, decided to want you I'm slowing it up and speeding it all downhill Come in my room and chill, it's not like I'd haunt you I'm tired of waiting for your signature stamp on my paper I'll pack up my big cans and meet up with you later I'm blowing on your house as if it might just fall down Bad advice from the king of town, he's prone to desert you I'm watching my steps through all of the egg shells you've kept Although I feel inept, I never could hurt you I'm such a mess but only a long time will tell If you'll start feeling well then I could contort you I'm buried alive to watch the figures gathering I wish they'd come up with something that they could resort to I'm tired of waiting for the message from your respirator I'll pack up my big cans and meet up with you later on
Why did you wake me? I had been sleeping for so long And I am stuck in this fog of awakened nonsense Again I ask, why did you wake me when I was sleeping? I am waiting for an answer, almost anything will do I feel as though I am talking to myself My words echoing in my head You again fail to answer me, you can be honest with me now If you will spare my heart, if you will spare my heart While I am sleeping, I am void of all pain Only the joys of my inner world This couldn't be more than a test of my mind And you a figment of my imagination Vividly, you play a role in this lucid dream And sadly I have to channel to receive your energy Other than this jolt that woke me so Abruptly from my heavenly slumber Since before I can remember you have let me sleep And then, now you come alive No more fantasy, no more wonder, no more dream Just consciousness without reason There will be a day that I awake to your calling But for today, just five more minutes
I called your number up, you said you weren't around I hope you found a way back to a simpler town Somewhere that you and your lover can get along Move along You had to face the truth, you sounded so ashamed You had a lot to prove so you took all the blame I guess it's time that you closed the office down You better get outta dodge You covered up your past, the memories you had For every single one, you've just been feeling bad It must be hard to imagine there's nothing wrong Something's wrong Your eyes are narrowing, full of malevolence Toward our relationship and what it represents You might be better off loading up the truck So you can get outta dodge It's kind of funny when you're barking up a tree for no reason And everybody's waiting on your symphony of the season But sometimes it helps To imagine yourself heading somewhere else So when it's five o'clock and when the whistle blows You'll slink off by yourself to somewhere no one knows Smiling so full, you remember no regrets For when you get outta dodge You ought to get outta dodge Yeah, you should get outta dodge You better get outta dodge
Orange 02:27
Look at yourself, you're insane Can't you think of a better epigraph? Ideas don't come cheap and words Are best when you just make them up I won't kill your degree if you think that it's worth saving When you fall down the well you've built Regret's the last thing that you think of Careful now, I need a little break This sort of thing isn't up my alley Quickly making my escape I break into the Wayback Machine Following a trail of jelly beans That I left the previous morning A loose cannon is the only thing awaiting my arrival Pardon me, I didn't mean To treat you like a piece of furniture That was then, and this is slightly later But I still haven't found my keys I was asked what I would call it And I believe I said "diamondesque" Guess that wasn't what I was supposed to say Now was it? For the past few years all I really learned was loudness kills And it's really difficult to find a word to rhyme with orange A word to rhyme with orange
I'm older right now than I've ever been By tomorrow, I promise I'll be older still And sometimes I wonder for when the day comes When somebody has my shoes to fill The hours tick by and we look at the blueprints Of every last option that we've strategized Hesitation mounting as I clear my throat to say We've got the rest of our lives Time won't be caring if I'm always staring At all the kids marrying and I feel so alone But if I am too wary without enough daring Then I won't be carrying my own No, I won't be carrying my own, no Maybe one day we can circumvent tension Or pressured perfection from out of the blue But if that's the way that it's going to be Then I hope it'll be there with you Don't you procrastinate, she said Don't you wait until it's too late When you gonna give me a child, she said When you gonna give me a child?


released July 8, 2008


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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