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Now Is The Time Is Now

by Scott Gesser

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I took a long while to find you here A thousand lifetimes miring in fear You bend so perfect like evening trees Up on a platform yet under me If you ever come back, please wake me up ‘Cause I won’t get up on my own I don’t feel like I’m asleep anymore I don’t feel like it’s a dream anymore By heaven’s gambit I may have won Or flown awry now, close to the sun So long to signals and chemistry So long charisma and subtlety
Take a chance, leave your mark Don’t forget to tell your heart where you’re going You fly around overhead like a savior But you dread overthrowing As you slink into your hole you give up all control That was never yours to win Are you all right or is this just another incident Of charming delight as you kneel beside the fire? Tinfoil knight all dolled up, an innovator hoping never to fight ‘Cause you know you’re nothing more than a liar Will you never climb the tower Getting darker by the hour, what you doing? You clasp your hands with regret over everyone Who met with their ruin
Wasting time as I’m about to blow my mind, I’m fine Spinning, trying to find a place I can call mine Yes, I confess I’m such a mess, help me get dressed I guess I’m headed for success by staying here nevertheless Open wide, there’s a place I see inside Where nothing’s quite the way it ever was I don’t care, I’m there As long as I get closer to the buzz Hear the neighbor scream her labor But I paid, she owes me a favor I could hate her but I’m lazy so I’ll do that later I’m not dumb, well, yeah I’m dumb But I don’t care where it comes from If I get some then I’ll be running ‘til I’m finally done Open wide, all I need to do is hide Where nothing’s quite the way it ever was I don’t care, I swear I’m there A little closer to the buzz
Put the pen to paper, don’t let it slip away Furiously wield your brush as if your life’s at stake Your synapses are firing so leap into the fray And now you’re flowing, you’re a poet And I can’t wait to see when you happen to show it Magical tragedy, gorgeous catastrophe Ignorant masterpiece Marvelous, terrible, beautiful horror This perfect disaster is making me feel alive Pull back the curtain, relinquish all your fears The people gathering around, they can’t hold back their tears They see the messages beneath the sleek veneer The whole world is waiting, captivating Every bid coming in only yours for the taking The years all fall behind, now you’re a household name We’re better for it, we adore it And there’s nobody better to blame
Another round of impostor syndrome Everybody isn’t staring at me Weighed down by nothing for the world to speak of And yet heavier than concrete It’s a miracle at this point that I’m standing Zero out of ten, I just can’t fit into The puzzle they’re demanding And I can make a lot of noise But my insides are ready to bust, ready to bust on me There’s some excitement of newness and wonder But all of it sinks to the back A universal party of one To stagger on a brand new panic attack All the manufactured tension flows right through me All the plans I’ve made toppled by a charade In my brain, my own undoing How can anybody believe? So many operatives I’m bound to deceive I was only born to stress and aggrieve And the fear keeps crowding up and up and up in me And the people all around don’t seem to notice How I’m overwrought, I’m a fraud, so flawed Standing firm that they all know this
I’ve seen you live close to forty times And you always look nonplussed Like you’re waiting for the bus And oh, is the life you always wanted? And oh, is it too much to not feel haunted? Don’t even smolder when the room is on fire What you gonna do when they sing your song? Dragging out chords as they hum along, well la la What you gonna do when the day is long? Gritting your teeth when they get it wrong, well la la You pluck the bass with a vacant face Dreaming of when you retire Couldn’t be quelled by Arcade Fire And oh, do you find yourself endearing? And oh, at least the lead singer is sneering Last nite she said, “You’re the reason I’m down” Oh, the world has nothing left to teach you Oh, I wouldn’t dare to meet and greet you You almost look like you’re having a stroke, get it?
Kool-Aid 02:49
I’m glad you all could make it Through the hail this season brings around us A cheery disposition Toasting to the one of those that found us And I know it’s a bit unorthodox But that’s our luck, we’re often stuck In dreams of Benzedrine before we go The robes we don abruptly Signaling the end of the beginning A sweetened black concoction Offering the chance to go on living As the lights flash and the hazy eyes go dim We moan a hymn, it’s all for him The idol shucking off his winter coat A cavity, deep mining Moving on to multitudes of wonder Yet only one remains now Far cry from the former seven hundred And I knew there was nothing left to gain And so we lost, we turned and tossed In dreams of Benzedrine before we go
Punkrod Song 03:39
I was born in a lift, thinking to myself “Oh boy, here it goes again” I fought them off one by one By the time I was done it was a quarter to ten If I was better alone you’d never let me know Somehow you grip me like a vice But I’m the one who can’t let go You only love me when I’m petrified When I’m electrified for you You only need me when I’m dead inside Into the dread I dive for you A dagger pierced through my heart Lord, I’m certain your bark is so much worse than your bite Fever dreams in my bed, echoed words in my head “You know, your mother was right” A welcome truly spurned, I’ve got so much to learn But I keep shaking off the dust and jumping back in the urn Consciousness seeping in as the sliver of moonlight Reflects on my face, oh you know Fortune favors the bold, or so I’ve been told That’s why I’m hunting for change When I’m not afraid anymore, I’ve got what I came here for I’ll be your perfect little whore
As a child it was instilled in me from day one That an adult is the safest tree to hug In any given situation but now I’m one of those And there’s no limit to what I don’t know I wouldn’t look to me for any guidance Regardless of what I have always been told The floor is lava It’s been lava this whole time I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America With my hand on my heart knowing full damn well That the government could be trusted And yet it’s never held up in the least We’re in the belly of the beast If their constituents would crack a smile Our skulls would pile up at their feet The only thing I learned in school Is a blaringly obvious golden rule That everyone would rather swallow Cyanide than choose to follow Jump from the couch to the table to the shelf Jump back to the couch and don’t hurt yourself
She stands by the window watching for her cab Keeps on eyeing the letter nestled in her bag She turns back to her condo one final time An authoritative nod is her only goodbye She’s speeding away now to someplace new To find original notions of another worldview Her fingers, they idle but she hardly can wait Upon her arrival she learns that it’s absolutely never too late Whether wealth or health or bygone romances Are the ever-present bane of your life The university of second chances Will make sure you learn your lesson this time He’s starting a new life pushing fifty-one A widower spurned by his fully-grown son And now every single mistake has caught up in spades But he’s ready to run it back And he knows that he’s making the grade Life is an open-book test, course-correct Pencils down now, pencils down now Answers on the back of your hand, what did you get? Pencils down now, pencils down now
You needed someone to treat you right You needed someone to be your window Into the swirls of the lazy eyes A pile of crosses where the hammer won’t sit down I can be better than anyone, better than anyone Another night when the record don’t play Another night leaning on fast forward And time skips over day by day The open shriek and the needle don’t set down It’s a subtle crack leavening, I know, but don’t let it go When the heart attacks through the radio, don’t let it go If there’s a lock and key’s long gone If there’s a key but you don’t know what for Microaggressions, they linger on I can’t promise but I’ll promise on the way down
Minimalism 03:14
There goes the watch, there go the clothes I don’t need any more of those Your presence is no longer required Every single one of you is fired Exorcise the demons that have plagued this place They say you can’t get something for nothing And maybe they’re right So I’ll take nothing and give up something tonight Throw out the table and the chairs Can’t reconcile the memories there The knick-knacks from the trips we once took The notes you used to hide in my book Soon the apartment looks like new Swept clean of everything That brings a recollection of you


released August 11, 2023


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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