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by Scott Gesser

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All the fishes in the sea All waiting so patiently Waiting for a man like me Line them up all over town I will be the one to knock them down I can’t avoid it, I’m special I’ve got game and potential I’m everything you don’t need I’m in before I arrive My dialect, the car I drive That’s all that I need to thrive Line them up around the block I will be the one who can really rock I’m a gentleman caller All the fishes in the sea All lined up so patiently Just to get away from me So line them up around the world I’ll be hanging onto every girl
Circle Me 03:31
Circle me, hold me in your arms I just want to lie awake until I am not afraid So circle me like a warm downpour Falling endlessly, circle me He spent his waking hours making Hundreds and hundreds of lists All thematically attentive to the women he had kissed Concentrations on relations and vacations he had taken But he found himself confounded by the one that got away And he tried to look her up but met with limited success She moved on and she was gone And left no forwarding address Now he cries up to the sky and wonders why and how And who can help to find the one to just Another morning, early morning Drowning her delusions in a beer She was coping, mostly hoping she’d be famous in a year But she never spent a cent upon her rent because She lived out of a shopping cart and drank away her change She could act and she could dance but only sober as a bird And with her eternal bender she could hardly make a word Now she fishes out a penny and she wishes that The friends she never made would save her and I can wait as long as it takes To cure my heartbreaks and get over my mistakes And I don’t care about the bringer Gonna put it through the ringer I’ll do anything as long as I don’t have to lift a finger When my days are done I’ll be the lucky one Like a prodigal son without the mind to back it up ‘Cause when you’re happy and horny And simple and stupid and there’s no mind To be concerned about losing You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs So you might as well cut all your losses and beg
Don’t call it a comeback, ‘cause I haven’t left just yet But I’m taking back a memory you won’t soon forget Living in the middle of your riddle is a hassle When you’re a house-sitting king At someone else’s castle Then you blow up ‘cause you think that you’re acting Like a grown up and you’re so insanely clever But you know what? You’re a one-sided discussion And listening to you is like listening to a concussion You say you’re dynamic but your dynamic seems to be Running on hypocrisy that’s running on empty And I’m amazed at the pseudo-abominations That you spoke of Your fire-backs backfired, they’re fun to make a joke of Darn it, oh well, maybe next time you’ll be the incarnate Of your feelings in your brain unless you tarnish Your knowledge of the English language Based on everything I’ve heard from you It’s like you’re speaking Spanglish There can be only one Highlander There can be only one Honey, your potential is to be a super mouth breather And I know that you don’t like me And I’m not fond of you either But I’m trying to extend our dividend to make amends We can always split our assets, I’ll end up with our friends Tragic, isn’t it? I thought you could’ve been a rad chick But there’s no use in prolonging all the magic Here’s a quarter from your ear so you can call your mom To pick you up and make you disappear, ‘cause
Every night, I sit, curmudgeon by the candlelight The pages beg and plead for me to write I don’t know how long this will take But I’m scribbling and leaving legends in the pen’s wake Should it be a vast account of my hypocrisy? Or something pulled from my own memories? I’d like to get my stories out Maybe first, though, I should know what they’re about I’m gonna get gypped out of my bet on the best I’m gonna bet my fortune on my lack of success I’m gonna write the great American novel Seven eighths are done when I begin to radiate Ideas that soon will come to generate Another intriguing chapter, nothing for this page But maybe on the one right after Evident that this is how my adolescence spent Concocting something maybe heaven sent I’m hoping the flow won’t tarnish, if it does This tour de force is landing in the garbage I’m gonna fly up so high that I’ll land upside down I’m gonna tie up the microphone and block out the sound I’m gonna write the great American novel Seeking forward in time can break my concentration Hiding my wrists from cramps and blocks This can’t be happening Everyone, come see the masterpiece that I have done My pride projecting like a loaded gun It’s like my own personal progeny I can still feel the narration seep within me Fumbling for rights and non-eccentric publishing The whole experience was troubling Pulling teeth from cover to cover I can’t wait until I get inspired to write another I’m gonna run amok on my grave when I’m dead I’m gonna wonder who makes all that noise overhead I’m gonna write the great American novel
Well I’m the sergeant of the missing town Break it down It’s simple enough to wrap my thoughts around I don’t wear a crown for that flimsy sound But you can watch my south side when I’m northbound ‘Cause I’m eccentric, perhaps detrimental to the criss-cross Made by the birds with their wooden mud house floss For the dreamers, this goes out to half of you And the rest of the world should wake up And find something else to do Skim down the population And this week all becomes, becomes Spend now your procreation And meddle with your funds, your funds It’s mighty cold when you’re naked in a centerfold Living off the names of a million men You wish that you’d known, I don’t condone The opportunist who thinks that he can use this Not gonna prove it’s just a messed-up theory set to music And you’ve got that friend who doesn’t comprehend The meaning of the end, he’s waiting, breathing It’s time to watch the private screening So vacation from the trepidation, it’s so exciting When you’re melting in the sauna And the Wall Streets are all biting Well I’m the flavor of the minute by the time it all sets in It goes back to the same lame game so I can’t win It’s easy enough to act tough in front of a crowd You’re a herd when you’re out Lobbying with another angry mob Don’t blow your desk job, son, it’ll come back to haunt you In the gauntlet, the final showdown, it’ll only taunt you Watch the lighting dip, flim, trip, flicker and fly out of sight Out of mind, which means it’s almost time to die Sweet unspoken ends, redone joking ends Spring waif grabs the role Sweet unbroken ends, dealer chocking ends Six days in the hole
Somewhere in the middle of the ages, I survived Wait until the coast is clear to come out And forgive, the pain is on, the face is on When the bough breaks into heaven you’ll find That I’m there and all the ancients That came from them won’t be quite as scared It’s a drag I know, it’s a drag for sure It’s a drag I know, but I’m left wanting more Got a headache raking leaves in there Don’t you worry about a thing I’ll come rescue you at the last second No matter what you might think And I’ll find it fine when it’s feeding time
In Reverse 03:29
I’ve tried quoting famous dead people a bit And I fear that it won’t do justice to what I need So maybe if I change my plans Or make grand gestures with my hands It’ll take a bit more time to heed And if this means a single thing It’s that it doesn’t mean a thing Unless you’re listening in reverse I want power in the way I finish a sentence And it feels like I could use some more The subliminal is all I know But sometimes I don’t want that to show In the life span of my latest score And if you’re trying to dig deep Just turn it down and get some sleep Or else try listening in reverse Maybe next time it won’t be so forbidden Maybe I won’t keep my agenda hidden What if I came right out and said Exactly the phrases that I pasted together instead? You’re better off just listening in reverse
I stole a glimpse of Kublai Khan He lumbered blankly with his shorts on He ran a yardstick through his hair And told me nothing much was left there I dream of the water running short I scream to the lukewarm feeling left I scheme at the thought of vacant fear Pristine as the space between my ears I broke the ice with Marvin Gaye He said that he’d been feeling okay So much for myths that let us down And thus, no point in milling around I don’t want to let you down I don’t want to let you down again, again I don’t want to leave you out I just couldn’t stand to leave you out again, again
The Majestic 03:25
I was a champion of vigorous mistakes I spent the seasons drowning in my man-made lakes I can’t distinguish all the real ones from the fakes She came around and found me cowering alone She sent along a gracious message I could own And now I dial her up while perched upon my throne All of the moments I’ve been blessed with Are bleeding into me Rooting around through the majestic And left with the debris A new life breathed into the void that was my heart Amidst the madness that I’ve found my counterpart Pray not to mess things up, at least I’ve made a start I am still ignorant at times, I won’t deny I dream in sepia and have no idea why But with her starring there I’m such a lucky guy Beneath the memories I revel To feel them caving in Although I don’t know where we’re going I’m proud of where we’ve been
Los Actress 03:57
You're a lost cause, Los Actress You came to Los Angeles in an olive bus condemned to rust And you stepped off the curb, just thinking, “Hey Mark my words, I’ll be famous by the end of the day” Oh, and the interviews were tiring But your voice was so inspiring Or was it that your cleavage was presented just right? Oh, like a prodigal daughter from the Mississippi water You wouldn’t put out, give out, suck out Without your name in lights You’ll see your name on the silver screen (But you’re just a secondary character) Everyone in the world will watch your scene (Still you’re just a secondary character) You tore through Los Angeles with an agent And a guy from Andy’s Donuts who chose all your clothes Presented with scripts, maybe not left and right But right enough to get you through the night And oh, and the parties were exciting And the drugs were so inviting So much so that you woke up with a check and a part Oh, and though the mystery deepened You didn’t care where you were sleeping As long as they threw peanuts at you and called you smart You turn to run through the door You trip and spill to the floor Your chapter, no more Oh, and the smoke is all around you And the galas still confound you And the Zoloft and the Lithium will start to take their toll Oh, and you’re put through constant hell But you swear you’ll never tell Assuming you end up with a supporting role where
When I woke up lying but not bound I don’t know what kind of force Had knocked me to the ground Should I stay here or just flee the scene? Conflicted emotion hybrid, human tangerine Footsteps haunting, I hope they will pass Through the nooks and crannies Like an English muffin has Vertigo view, count the ceiling tiles I can’t see a damn thing but they seem to go for miles Tell me all about me, I can’t live without me I know something but I doubt it’s what I see Make me make my living, make me do my bidding I know something but it isn’t something me I was younger, always caving in Never knew exactly when my conscience would begin So much hiding, hiding behind doors Hiding in parked cars and caves And dumpsters next to stores Now I’m older, older every day Crab-walking through someplace new As for why, I can’t say Floors like gym mats, blue and relenting My existence is a means of how I know something One of these days I’ll escape the maze I can’t wait to see the look I’ll have upon my face
This is where I leave you, my friend The fork where you veer left and I go right around the bend I believe you’re ready for this earth It’s time to go and find out what your aptitude is worth I used to dream about you Whether or not I’d doubt you here, here The hours that I raised you Conflated and appraised you dear With my last dying breath I only ask Do you promise to loom? To forever consume? Put your feet on the track leading out of your room Do you promise to find all the cracks in your mind? Will you dust off the cogs or just leave them behind? This is where the tide turns for good I gave you what you need to oversee the neighborhood And I don’t have to tell you that I’ll smile When I see your name spread All across the globe within a while I’m not afraid of failure I’m just afraid of failing you, you And once we’ve gotten older You’ll start to train your soldiers too And as the lights go dim I’ll only ask Maybe you’ll be something even better than I’ve been If I had my druthers I would bust my chances in Oh yeah


released June 29, 2018


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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