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by Scott Gesser

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This will be the last song I ever write about you A testament to every grain in the hourglass That passed, so hesitant to join its brothers in death But still sacrificing itself for the greater good of higher learning
Call, call off your dogs They’re running around questioning my every action And the sinking feeling I get Will not come from bitter regret, no It’ll only be the drowning of the memory of 1,095 days all wasted Can, can you feel the cold in every direction? It pummels like a linebacker chasing his check And the wayward bodily fluids They were the best reflection of you, oh If wishes are like portals into blinding success Well then I hope your portal takes you out of the gutter Why you always smiling back? This is serious as a heart attack These photos are growing yellow edges so fast It’s like a sign from the heavens that the past is the past I once crushed on your velvet then you walloped my ass You must have thought it a gas until you stop, stop stopping
Hand-crafted but poorly painted Left behind and nine kinds of tainted Why not come and pick me up? No crowded aisles, no raging mobs No one remembers why I do my job Why not come and pick me up? You could be the one who could take me home today Wouldn’t that be heavenly? I’m starting to get scared that they might throw me away And I know there’s a better life waiting for me You may antagonize the choices they’re making Here’s the skinny: they’re all mistaken Why not come and pick me up? Forget the papers with their gilded wealth Wouldn’t I look perfect on the shelf? Why not come and pick me up? So much for superliminal advertising Whatever I’m selling no one’s buying Why not come and pick me up? Supposedly I am a part of history right from the start But no one ever has the heart to put me in their shopping cart Why not come and pick me up?
En Kritiker 03:43
They’ll kick you in the mouth; they’ll kick you in a minute They’ll kick you in the mouth if you don’t put your foot in it I spent every last red cent that I had On some painting that I thought wasn’t half bad Brought it downtown and the man with the beret said There wasn’t any depth and it looked a little too red Why should I put up with this? Why take to heart the vocal styling of an egotist? I went to see that new independent film Where a slasher hunts down some kids and tries to kill ‘em I enjoyed it a lot but the critics did not It was too cliché and the director should have been shot Why should anybody care? Why can’t we pretend the doubters just aren’t there? I looked down at my body yesterday Thinking to myself “I wonder how much I weigh?” I could stand to look better, I’ll admit Maybe I should starve myself for a little bit Why am I even competing? Why should we have to give ourselves this beating? Ego operations are the one vocation That’s an understatement but I’m not complacent With their jubilation at my own frustration This abomination needs a long vacation Sign its resignation, we’ve been awful patient Always under ruination waiting at our station Every seat is taken; this is what I’m saying We’ve been sitting, praying for a revelation Like a giant glacier getting old and wasted Looking at our spaceship Like it’s a replacement for bastardization
There was nothing, nothing left to chew on And there was nothing, nothing left to lose again And I was jealous, jealous of your new song And at the table, table covered with scratch marks from pens You were the greatest thing to happen Never reminding me to bend All my life I chose possessions Now I’m stuck in a room with them Easy listening, listening caught me off guard Falling under, under the back of my head Before you take off, take off the leotard Hey are you listening, listening to a word that I just said? I’m no Prince Charming but I find it alarming That I can’t get this nightmare to end And I’m no Prince of Thieves who rejects the beliefs Of the brave that I’ve tried to befriend And I’m no Prince Valiant with his acres of talent In making the right way come true And I’m no Prince of Persia so the constant inertia Will be sanding me down to your shoes I’ll be sanded to the height of your shoes
Wolf Moon 03:25
Wolf moon tempers everything She resides only in our minds White teeth pointed at the dirt And we, we wait for the specter that is her When finally she comes out of the ground Hush Every twelve years the rhinestones align And it’s bound to be gracious; it’s bound to be fine And the nightmarish creatures will only go blind The time is at hand so please give us a sign We gather with matches and sparkling white wine And we call and she calls and we travel through time
Nerve 04:39
You were the queen; you were the queen of everyone You hit the scene and all the cameramen would run But there’s a trail of bodies in the sun You’ve got a lot of nerve You toured the globe high in a private airplane Wearing a robe and drinking nothing but champagne The fingers that you stepped on wouldn’t complain Skim the lights, why don’t you skim the lights? Skim, skim the lights, but will you see your conscience tonight?
Getting on is getting old Too many pointless across the fading, tired veranda You’ve found yourself stuck at arm’s length You’re done with being pushed around It’s time to run your enemies down There’s two types of people in the world The hapless victims always rushing And then the ones who do the crushing The former’s welcome has been worn The truth may hold a violent sting But damned if that can’t be a lovely thing Tick tock, all the people wanna rock And the people that’ll rock and do a bang-up job Don’t mind all the people left behind They’re the people in grind and they’ll learn with time That you can’t go messing around with a blessing That’ll turn around twice just to teach you a lesson When they pull you down under it’ll be no wonder You’ve been so ruthless lately I know you feel like you’ve lost yourself I bet you think you could use some help But if you look at your reflection you’ll see it’s true There’s nothing in your way except for you Look around the open town A million things to do and say ‘til everyone gets wrenched away You can’t forget the things you’ve seen But everything will be all right You won’t go down, no, not without a fight
Green Cars 04:38
Time filters through the radio, only nine hours left to go Wind down around an empty plate Just pray to God we won’t be late Simultaneously imbedded with the plight of where we’re headed And all those idiotic thoughts about who’s right and who is wrong This road we travel wears us thin; it helps to let distractions in And when I’m tired of counting stars I look around for bright green cars Backtrack to where we lost our minds; this documentary rewinds Kick cans and count on catching cold; another roadmap to unfold And now the sky looks positively furious and shy of fifty We took a butchered turn again; the hours jump back up to ten What say you about this? Time filters through the radio, only nine hours left to go I think we finally have a route; I think we’ll figure this thing out Our band of forward-thinking souls Can change the earth with all our goals And while the ancient chasm scars I look around for bright green cars
Rx 03:25
I’m not going to hurt you; if you’d ever make me try Then I might fall short and leave you to your own device And I can’t be a part of that Don’t worry lover; I’ll help you sleep tonight I’ll get you through the pain until you don’t need me anymore And you can throw me away I can fill you up, rebuild you and put you back into your house And keep you warm and safe from harm for at least another hour And I can see you waking up
How would you feel if I told you a secret? How would you feel if I set you down and cried? How would you feel if the bridges were burning? How would you feel if they fell upon the tide? I see it in your eyes and it makes me wanna fly I’m in the business of giving you the business And baby, business is booming, it’s booming How did you feel when you hit your first million? How did you feel when you lost all of your friends? How does it feel when you drink in the poison? How does it feel to see the walls and carpet blend?
Time won’t tell what we will do to heal each others’ wounds And my own hell is fixing to come back with evens offering odds With combinations quick, fulfilling All I want is something that I don’t know that I need yet I just failed to see the inner message bearing hopes to come Across the rope bridge I’ve been building This is where I open my eyes and I don’t know why This is where I look at your face and it says nothing Up the hill is where I hope to meet the miser I know Climb the wind if only to play dumb with something Just like knowledge fighting for that past to hear me Soon enough it could be time to turn the tides toward myself Until then the message ringing clear is always within earshot All the living creatures fear me When you see something good you doubt it You walk right past and don’t think about it


released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved



Scott Gesser Phoenix, Arizona

I'm the guy who records all of this.

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